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my first mehndi

my first real mehndi with henna (:

yay <3

i'm really glad, how this turned out, but i'm a bit afraid that the color won't be so bright.
i mixed the paste myself and it is not so thick on my skin so.... i'm excited ! :D

oh. and sry for the crappy quality. photo done with webcam, i wanted to make photo as soon as i was ready :D

will upload better quality when the paste is off.

application: me
hand: me
design: inspired by few of the wonderful henna artworks by ~exilior
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amazing really :) looks so beautiful
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It looks really cool! Keep up the good work!
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FUN! This looks incredible!!
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thank you so much :)
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Really it's the first one? Perfect!
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:O thank u sooo much :)
well, it was the first one on real skin, but anyways i was really lucky how it turned out.... drawing on paper with a pen clearly isn't the same :)
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Drawing on paper is totally not the same. It is easier but when you make henna on the skin it always finally looks better.
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That is amazing, especially for a first try! Mine was awful. :lol:
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oh wow, thank you :) means a lot to me!
well, i practised a lot by drawing mehndis on paper before getting to my skin :)
practice is everything ;)
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thank you so much :)
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