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Paypal and Commissions!
Okay, so maybe I'm a complete butt for not making this journal earlier. But better late than never...
So if you're an artist that does commissioned work, you might use Paypal to request payment. And if you're a good boy or girl, you do it the way that Paypal intended for you to do it and you DON'T just tell your clients "to send you 100 bucks to DangerButt@geocities.ocean on Paypal."
I'll re-iterate:
If you are an artist who asks for money on Paypal;
I'm not sure on the exact details as to why but I think it has to do with how Paypal "categorises" all the money transfers they handle. Donations have to be treated in one way and payments a different way. "Money transfers" like the standard "send 100 bucks to DangerButt@geocities.ocean on Paypal" kinda rests in a grey zone. It's not illegal to receive money but is probably illegal to earn money using it.
So Paypal chose to crack down on that type of behaviour and it
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Metal Sonic by Toni-Blu Metal Sonic :icontoni-blu:Toni-Blu 74 9
Cintiq paint tool sai cursor alignment solved
Have you tried turning it off and on again? /slapped/ no but really, someone's had luck with restarting their computer (they were using paint tool sai v.2)
This is specifically to do with wacom based tablets. Also, this journal is old, links are broken and may not be found again. My apologies.
I am not an professional in the ways of I.T or Cintiq problems. These are only the solutions I and other people have found, and they get pasted here.
if the solutions don't work for you, I'm sorry but I will not be able to help you with other things - I'm just not the expert in this. However, this journal occasionally gets updated with new solutions. Please check back if after many weeks you haven't found a solution to your problem.
this is a problem that was hard to explain. Basically people have called it 

-cursor won't align correctly
-cursor doesn't want to follow the stylus
-brush is x amount of distance from wher
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role play2 by SkeeNLangly
Mature content
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*Walks onto the stand*

Long time no see huh...
A year has passed since I wrote the last journal, even more has passed since I've stopped uploading WH artworks on regular basis. But unlike somebody I am still in the fandom and still draw things, just don't upload them due to my a̸̶̧͞n͘͡҉͘͝x̶̷į̷̴͜e̷̵̕t̷̴̡̀y҉͝ 
And I do watch for the news
And now
I am terrified.
I mean, not exactly terrified, this isn't a right word for that feeling of rage and sadness at the same time, and I'm not the only one who feel the same.
There's several reasons for them personally, but, the first one that makes worry more than one person (checking it out right now by writing this) is:

It's obvious that GW's trying to stay safe and sound by keeping the people's interest on their most popular franchises such as 40k and FB (AoS nowdays, RIP FB), there's new miniatures and codex entries, the awesome games were released such as Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer 2...
... And here it is. DoW3 and Eternal Crusade.
Absolute failures from all sides. Kinda funny to witness how good FB\AoS games were mostly and how bad were 40K ones. Feels like 40k was just doomed to get mediocre games, yet games are one of the best ways to promote your product and grab a large audience (along with profit ofc.)
But I really, really have no idea, how desperate GW should be to announce a child's book series, and I'm afraid abt what will happen next in such tempo... (Hands off, Disney! We saw what you did to Star Wars series!)

So, okay, this isn't the only shard of Wh's possible grimdark future (lol), let's take a look to another one.
The lound, inadequate and cancerous children.
My gosh. I don't know what was/is happening in other local 40k fandoms, but in RU segment there was a shitton of them back in 2010-11, and I even met plenty of 'em in 2013 when I joined this helltrain, and so on, until I found a place with normal guys. I don't imply the grown-ups can't act like idiots, but agree, the adequate people are the minority, no matter where and when. 
And this is the double-edged sword: The more successful this series will be, the more neophytes we should wait, the less succesfull it be... Then GW might find another way to promote our favourite universe, which will distort it's image even more.

So, this leads now to my personal meh.

A big slab of possible humor is getting nullified. Some situations build up comical effects because they're actually not quite possible within the lore and plain delusional. (Regular marine, you'll be in my heart forever!) The certain jokes won't be funny anymore when they stop being abnormal, and NOW WE'll HAVE FREAKING CHILDREN IN ACTION IN THE SETTING OF THE GRIMDARKEST WAR WHERE EVEN THE SUPERMUTATED SOLDIERS IN FANCY ARMOR DIE IN MERE MINUTES.
Even the weirdest clusterfuckery seems pretty legit and canon now. *sigh*

Would anybody even buy that? What for?! Will this marketing move even worth that?

And it's obvious that now we'll never know what happens to space marines' dicks after transformation because the rating's gotta go even lower than 12+. Kek.


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