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ACID EYE 360 VR - Psychedelic Deep Dream Fractal 1 by schizo604 ACID EYE 360 VR - Psychedelic Deep Dream Fractal 1 by schizo604
360° VR 4K Deep Dream Fractal made by Schizo - Addition VFX by Mischlichter.
Made for Annual Fractal Art Contest 2017
Mandelbulb 3D meets google Deep Dream

Visualizing a psychedelic experience you can get with LSD , DMT or Mushrooms to its full detail is really hard, but I hope this image and video can give an impression on these inner worlds.

360° VR animation version:…

360° VR slideshow version:
The video compression at YouTube doesn't kill so much details, because this one is more static. So with the slideshow version you get a better impression of the original quality.…

Animation version as flat 4K video:…

To enjoy in full detail with less compression artefacts download a high quality version at WEARVR:…
VeeR VR also hosts this video in better quality:…
Vimeo version available here:
Enjoy with more details!

Addition VFX by Mischlichter:…
Thank you Alex for the great warping, colorization, beat detection and the eternal light :-)

Fractal Animation: rendered in 4K Ultra HD 2160p with Mandelbulb 3D V1.89 -

About the google Deep Dream:
I always wanted to run a deep dream algorithm over one of my fractal animations to make it more trippy. But I thought: When you want to do it, then do it right!
So I didn't choose a normal animation as the fractal source but I used a 4K 360° fractal as the source animation.
That wasn't easy and took a lot of experiments and programming in python.
Problems I had to solve:
- rendering 4K images via CPU is too slow - solution: use google deep dream with CUDA support so my GeForce GTX 970 could do the work much faster
- deep dreaming of 4K images wasn't possible because of memory problems (neural networks need a lot of RAM) - solution: for the final 4K dreaming do a lot of randomly selected 400x400 pixel dream squares
- keep also the fine 4K dream details stable during the animation so it doesn't flicker so much - solution: do some additional blending at the right time
- use various deep dream inception modes but blend them smoothly - solution: start the dreaming of the second animation already based on a fading sequence from the first animation and do some addition blending
- we have a 360° video so dream at left side should match to dream at right side - solution: copy a left stripe to the right and a right stripe to the left, dream and crop to original size
- we have a 360° video but you can't dream top and bottom correct - solution: blend top and bottom to black
I will do a much more detailed tutorial and also release the python code later.

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More fractal art trips and other psychedelic stuff at:

Enjoy your Psychedelic Deep Dream Fractal Trip
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