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So, I've been spamtastically posting five strips a day to catch up with a backlog I had, and to avoid potential weirdness like people wondering why I'm still doing comic strips about the Olympics at the end of September:

"Wow, did he just get around to watching it on his DVR?  It must've been tough avoiding all the Michael Phelps spoilers everywhere..."

But now I can slow it down to posting a strip a day, and eventually settle in to four a week.  Though, I have to admit, speed-watching the Olympics on DVR fast-forward does sound pretty interesting: the marathon would become a long-distance sprint, and the 100-meter dash a race of superheroes.

Still, even in normal speed, Usain Bolt might be able to give the Flash a run for his money.
Greetings, everyone, from a virgin deviant.  Great to add Schizmatic to dA with its terrific sharing platform and artistic community.  Oh, and where you can apparently check out snazzy Schizmatic merch like prints, mousepads, and puzzles.  "Puzzles?"  Hmm, I'm guessing the puzzle versions mean you have to first figure out a comic strip physically before figuring it out psychologically...  Nice.

Thanks for all the feedback, sharing, and support!

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