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Territory Name: Praevalere

Character Name: Tristan & Bors

Species: Lesser Hydra

Rank: Omega

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Powers/Abilities: They have glands in their mouths that produce acid, but nothing other than that.

Personality: Tristan and Bors are reserved and solitary, keeping to themselves most of the time. They don't really know how to communicate with others, since they have always just had each other for everything, so establishing a conversation that doesn't end up in something only both have alone is somewhat of a challenge.
They're naturally serious and quiet with those they don't know or trust, however gaining their trust, as easy as it is, still doesn't fully enable them to form any sort of bonding.

History: Tristan and Bors hardly have a story to tell.
Ever since their birth, they hardly had any form of parenting. Further from being taught how to survive and hunt, they never had any warm family relationship thanks to a hydra's nature, so they basically took care of themselves.

Since their family was nomad, they arrived at the Valley at a very young age, beginning their stages of life living off of Praevalere's rivers. However when they were mature enough to travel again, and due to their lack of fondness for the new and unknown, they refused.

They've ever since been 'nesting' near rivers and swamps, shifting back and forth only for the new seasons of the year in the Valley.

Idle facts:

-Both feel what the other feels, physically only.

-Actions they disagree in doing yet try to execute causes them to paralyze. Continuing to attempt so will make it last several minutes.

-They normally talk with "we" though they think of themselves as only one being. Although they can perfectly differ, it's almost one in a thousand cases they would.

-Even when they generally trade names with people they don't like, it's easy to tell one apart from the other with their small but noticeable differences. Bors has more overdeveloped lower fangs while Tristan has overdeveloped upper fangs. Bors's torso is also very slightly shorter than the other's.

-They do not have a belly-button, lol.


Their names are an inner joke with myself. Cheers if you know where I got 'em from.
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why for the glory of Satan of course! lol