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Timmantha Breast Expansion | FOP | Animated

Here we go again,

thought I as well turn the previous entry of my Timmantha series into a gif XD

I'm pretty pleased with the result, hope you like it too :)

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Original drawing:

Timmantha Breast Expansion | FOP by Schinkn 

Have an awesome day,
Aron :) (Smile)

Have a great day, leave a comment if you want to talk to me, or just say something about the picture, favorite and watch me if you want to :) (Smile)

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This BE happens too quickly. You should have kept the "before" image for a longer bit of time  prior to the expansion.
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Worked with a limit of 24 frames back then in Clip Studio Paint, it wasn't possible otherwise.
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So is she normally a girl in this universe or did she accidentally get turned into one?
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She got accidentally turned into a girl ^^

“Accidentally “

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A happy little accident lol

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This animation is superb
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Thank you, there is more to come :)
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Oooh this sounds quite suspenful
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I will animate every step of the Timmantha Transformations :) So the Lip Expansion one is the next animation that gets released XD
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Will there be a hair expansion m she will look great with longer hair
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That hasn't been wished in my survey yet, it would be awesome, if you could formulate a wish that Cosmo can misinterpret :)
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Like if he would say, my hair to long I need a pony tail, n he would end up with an actual equine features
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