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I've finally gotten more acquainted with Twitter. You can find more art, sketches, occasional random photos (mainly focusing on my dogs) and life in general there :) 
I'm still a newbie there, so I'll be happy to hear if you have Twitter account (or know a good one) that I could follow! :happybounce:

Twitter account
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Oh mymy, new year yet again. Happy 2016 everyone! 

To be honest, for me it started with an annoying flu. I swear they get harder every year by aging (and I'm not even that old! :'D), but I'll bounce back! 

I have been so busy work and socially-wise that I haven't had time to really draw anything, even my monthly comic-page in December which I was really bummed. Due to the busy time I have also felt a stir of an art block, which I really hope I will outpace. It will be difficult, since the beginning of January seems to be every bit as busy as the last one, but I'm sure I can do it. And in two weeks I'll also be on my way to Thailand for a vacation, where I plan to take it easy and just realx. Can't wait :boogie: 

Last year has been really rewarding and a special thanks for my watchers (old and the new ones) for the support Heart  I can't even tell how happy and grateful every new watch, comment and fave makes me :) I wish you all a wonderful new year Heart
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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Over seven years

2. What does your username mean?

No meaning. It is a shortened version of Sheena. Originally she was a comic character in my friends comic and I kind of adopted the name.

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Tranquil, happy, planner :D

4. Are you left or right handed?

I'm a lefty!

5. What was your first deviation?

I cleaned the first deviations away few years back. But I think it was a tiger head made with copics.

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Traditional sketches! (Nothing ever gets finished :D)

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Mmmm... I'd like to master the style of ink painting. Or be able to do very stylized detailed work (which probably isn't a style at all )

8. What was your first favourite?

My rpg character Roi made by :iconkuuda: She most love me, for putting this up here. :giggle:

Roi by Kuuda

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

All things beautiful, useful, funny and/or inspiring. And dragons.

Dragon Dance by jocarra

Beautiful mermaid by Hoodd

Cloud Tutorial Reference by CGCookie

The Nature of Friendship by MoonsongWolf

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

No all time favourite. Everyone I watch (and the ones yet to find ;))

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

I'd love to meet :iconarven92: She seems very nice and interesting person. I'd love to draw doodles with her :D

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Every single fave, watch and comment make me unreasonable happy, but I remember one time getting a comment and a compliment from an artist whose tutorial I had used. I felt really grateful that she got the time to check my piece

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Pencils and watercolors (at the moment).

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

My room with my tools, or countryside with mountains <3

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

All interesting conversations with other dA members :)

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Staying up late gives you always the greatest ideas. Mine is to update my silent journal life on dA to say a few words about an old comic, which I thought I had forgotten. Brace yourselves for sentimental nonsense Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 


The first time i got Elfquest comic in my hand was when me and my friends found it in our local library. In Finland they had translated a color comic version of it (basically chapters 1-5 which I know understand, is only the tip of an iceberg). I remember liking it and reading it out loud with my friend over and over again. The tail of the wolfriders was so amazing, it intrigued our imagination as well as our interest to develop our drawing skills (wolves, we wanted to draw wolves! And in different angles!).

After that I bought a pocket version about Cutter’s father Bearclaw and enjoyed it as much (even though the different side stories with various artists bugged me a little bit). I remember several times looking at the other stories in a comic store as well, but never felt interested enough to buy them. They also were in English, which back then, was a bit hard for me to read.

Elfquest has remained in my mind (till these days) a nice short story, which intrigued me when I was a teenager. And now, a while ago my friend bought the Complete Elfquest Volume 1 (which contains chapters 1-20!). An old hunger woke up and i waited eagerly to complete the story. Finally i loaned it.

So, what happened when adult me, got the book in my hands? I fell in love! Absolutely! Even after over ten years, the storyline and art of the black and white comic is so lovely and capturing that I wouldn’t want to leave the book from my hands even for a second.

That said, it reminds me that i still have a lot to learn about drawing comics, characters, surroundings, plots etc. And when you think of it, it’s actually a good thing, when you want to develop as an artist.

I owe my thanks to the amazing pair Wendy and Richard Pini, the creators of Elfquest :worship:


Do you guys have similar experiences about certain comics, or maybe even about Elfquest? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences :)

(Here is the result of all my thinking. Garath educating me after reading Elfquest :D)

Elfquest Moment by Scheq

…I better get back to reading, still a lot of left and i might learn something! 

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Oh gosh, it took me a year to finish re-scanning my dragon comic Quiran to dA, but finally its done. So happyyy yaay! 
It might get more rewarding to make the comic, since now i can actually upload it after finishing a page (before this i drew it only to store it in my shelf). Maybe it will make me do the comic faster. Maybe?

Start to read it here:…
Heehee, I'm so excited! Summer vacation was good for setting off Quiran's scanning process. Vacations already ended a week ago, but I have got to the page 24, which is the furthest so far :D
I finished drawing page 70 last week, so there is still a long way to go and I have encountered some problems as well. My dear old MacBook has come to the end of its journey, which means my Photoshop is also gone. I have edited the pages so far with a test version of Photoshop, but the days are running out. I'm still figuring out what to do when that happens. Luckily my friend has offered her old laptop for my use, but it can't be the final solution. Damn you Photoshop for being so expensive! And me for not having the money to buy a new one.

Anyway, hopefully you have enjoyed the reading and haven't seen too many misspellings so far.  I can't wait to get this comic up to date. :)
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Since I'm lazy and my current website has been overly inactive I have decided to start uploading my dragon comic to dA.

The comic started in 2005 so it has been a loooong learning process. The plot has changed and developed a lot during the years, as has my drawing skills (more to the better side I hope).

There are quite a lot of pages. At the moment 67 to be exact. To avoid spam and probable banishment from dA I have decided to add one page in a day/week for starters.

In advance I apologize for the… how to put it… amazing artwork and scenery, especially in the earliest pages. It gets better I promise :D

To keep you interested: Here is a sneak peek for the latest page.…

To start the actual comic. Press the

Thank you and good night :)
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In order to attain and keep my inspiration i decided to start this. We will see how far do i get... :D


100 theme challenge

1. introduction…
2. good morning
3. breath again
4. seeking solace
5. under the rain
6. silence
7. playing the melody
8. through the fire
9. in the storm
10. are you challenging me?
11. mischief managed
12. mirror
13. obsession
14. test
15. i can't
16. multitasking
17. pain
18. safety first
19. broken pieces
20. can you hear me?
21. drowning
22. heal
23. hero
24. horror
25. last hope
26. give up
27. break away
28. drive
29. memory
30. insanity
31. smile
32. blood
33. stars
34. dying
35. sacrifice
36. keeping a secret
37. breaking the rules
38. teamwork
39. cat
40. sorrow
41. trouble lurking
42. no time
43. tears
44. creation
45. fairy tale
46. tower
47. deep in thought
48. magic
49. do not disturb
50. heaven
51. nyah nyah
52. eyes
53. family
54. rated
55. rejection
56. gray
57. vacation
58. hold my hand
59. flowers
60. cheese
61. love
62. moon
63. twilight
64. 75% done
65. hobby
66. childhood
67. ramen
68. dance
69. jamming out
70. hands
71. wicked
72. opposites
73. mythology
74. trees
75. technology
76. water
77. circus
78. candy
79. opera
80. rave
81. pastel
82. dominance
83. delicacy
84. festivities
85. formal
86. ribbon
87. raven
88. lime in the coconut
89. curly
90. video game
91. nightmare
92. paradise
93. winter
94. glitter
95. glare
96. chain
97. ninja
98. band
99. bewbs
100. the end

100 theme challenge by =InuyoukaiRin.
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Hi guys.

I was surfing around dA and realized how long it has been since my last submission. I have been so damn busy and confused the whole summer that i have totally forgotten to acutally DO something! Besides that I have suffered more or less lack of good drawing ideas. Since I don't play rpg that much any more, it's hard to come up with characters you would like to draw. Randomness is good sometimes, but you know it's nicer to draw real things.

Anyway, I'm trying to get myself together and start drawing again. Hooray.
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last night I spent many hours on the Internet, trying to find decent comics of dragons. It was sad to realize, that there really isn't many, not in the web nor in dA (and if there are, they sure aren't easy to find).

In dA there are so many talented dragon artists, but none of them really draws comics. I can't be the only one here who is in a desperate need of dragon comics. And I mean real ones, with plot and many pages.

I'm going to start to list dragon comic pages here, so
if you know any web-pages, please inform me.


Same in Finnish...


vietin eilen illalla sievoisen ajan netissä etsiessäni lohikäärmeistä kertovia sarjiksia. On varmaan turha mainita, että susisarjiksia ja manga-aiheisia kuvasarjoja kyllä löytyy, mutta lohikäärmeet ovatkin sitten asia erikseen.

On surullista huomata, ettei sen enempää nettisivuilla kuin dA:kaan löydy lohikäärmesarjakuvan tekijöitä. Hyviä lohikäärmetaiteilijoita kyllä löytyy, mutta sarjakuvaan innostuneita ei.

En usko, että olen oikeasti ainut, joka kaipaa lohikärmes-lukemista.
Alas listaan lohikäärmelukemista sisältäviä sivustoja, jos satut tietämään jonkin nettisivun tai dA piirtäjän, jossa liskosarjakuvaa ilmestyy, ilmoitathan minulle.


Dragon Comics:
Sleeping Forest - My comic / Finnish
Cereth - hinasaki's comic / Finnish
Kuolemattomat - Improvised comic / Finnish

My dear friends:

:iconkuuda: :iconhoodd: :iconlarchzie: :iconanonion: :iconmaicki: :iconzizyka: :iconsykomori: :iconparsastus: :icongaikotsu91: :iconpipsu: :iconhitodama89:

Tell me if I have forgotten you.


Trades: (Closed)


If you are interested in art trade, please ask me.
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I don't get this. I've been watching Voice from tv past few hours. Almost all of the musicvideos have been RnB or hip hop. Shouldn't music channel offer different kind of music to it's listeners? I'm so full of this music, and especially these videos!

But OMG! I have totally forgotten Eurovision song contest! *changes channel*
Well, I think I have ended up listening even worse music than on Voice, but this is totally different :D It's a shame that I didn't see previous performers.


My dear friends:

:iconkuuda: :iconhoodd: :iconlarchzie: :iconanonion: :iconmaicki: :iconzizyka: :iconsykomori: :iconparsastus: :icongaikotsu91: :iconpipsu:

Tell me if I have forgotten you.



:iconice-phonixe: (Done)

If you are interested in art trade, please ask me.