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sikkerhet3 by ltiana355  Untitled by SootheNoo1959  Projected Outcome by VicEberly
lpr by MarcCopeland  trio by m-lucia <da:thumb id="682885393"/>
Flying With Time by AiniTolonen  too many disproportions by EintoeRn  Order by WillTC 
Queue by justfrog 
Tuscany by MartaC  Speed Circle by MichiLauke  Gap by Poromaa
Hook by LidiaRossana  1478876837639 by Ninja2401  Which Way ? by tholang
*13 MAI 2017 by JeanFrancoisBayle  Chateau de Blois 9 by Pierre-Lagarde  r a i n b o w by KizukiTamura
workshop in action by berlinhelmut
magic times III by JoannaRzeznikowska  Delicate Situation by 2BORN02B  color by bwoman2008
Peel Off I by KizukiTamura  URBAN ELEMENTS - 32 by EmmanuelVASSAL  distortion by EvaShoots
Pentecost by GeorgieDeeArt  Angry Sun by VicEberly  *19 MAI 2017 by JeanFrancoisBayle
Sight 1 by aspruli
Cameo by Poromaa  Architexture XXXIII by Art2mys  The truth.. by Yaksss
of human's obsession to square round things by Izaaaaa  the tempest by m-lucia  stairway at sunset by MarcCopeland
Light/Space by Season-5  abstract zebra herd by chriseastmids  The Rise by Ragnar949
2017-05-18 21.27.44-2 by ltiana355
........ by aerendial  COLOGNE by sth22art <da:thumb id="655626483"/>
frozen IV by sth22art  MANDALAY by sth22art  trees in a row in the snow by korrox
d'une by davespertine  Seats by jfdupuis  Untitled by jonniedee
00001 by ra-gro
<da:thumb id="660140509"/>  Basic element by leoatelier  alas de la luz by existencia5
1-30-17 by RichardLeach  Free exercise in Horror and Seduction by MushroomBrain  flower heads by awjay
Repetition du meme encore by siamesesam  b l a c k _ w a l l ::: by aopan  A conversation with a circle by cameraflou
LSW 01 by PansaSunavee
MOVEMENT by getcarter  Yo by Poromaa  Certainly by Season-5
115420 by M922  Cardboard mood by Sei-Zako <da:thumb id="664331683"/>
<da:thumb id="664513023"/>  Meine Langwieder Heide X by vamosver  A Sketch by tahirlazim
Shadows by WillTC
I Know What Dreaming Is About by AiniTolonen  Coco Land by Hengki24  Nightmares by jhps
amazonia I by sth22art  Running in Place 6 by VicEberly <da:thumb id="666901037"/>
Wind Chimes by tholang  Illusive Truth by Art2mys Untitled by Izaaaaa 
Road to oblivion by Rufelt
teeth K by Pierre-Lagarde  Downtown Impressions by tholang 

Mature Content

Arlesienne Petrifiee by Pierre-Lagarde

Wire 1 by kingwen <da:thumb id="667484181"/>  Fringe by arminmersmann2
Hiding Secrets? by birgzett  eKo of silence by Pierre-Lagarde  Ministry of Love by DpressedSoul
Unstained by WillTC
  Natural BW by vamosver  Grey is the city by Einsilbig  recdep by DpressedSoul 
  the mask by augenweide  Heat by Poromaa  Story of Different Parts by Art2mys
structures by augenweide  Winter by feigenfrucht  Animal Tracks by Trippy4U
Steam Army by WillTC
rectify by DpressedSoul  Twisting by tholang  Anselmi and C. by AlexanderMessier
mosaic 10 by creapicform  Seamed texture by Thomas-Holland  Wadsworth by Thomas-Holland
spring abstraction /mosaic 11 by creapicform  Transfer by Poromaa  ... by VesnaSvesna
 Crocus II by ElyneNoir
s|k|e|t|c|h by m-lucia  . by MWeiss-Art  First Song Of Arrivals by AiniTolonen
Pond by LidiaRossana  naked science : space material by mishozoo <da:thumb id="638545365"/>
NITI niti by xzwillingex <da:thumb id="673447414"/>  Untitled by dasTOK
Planet Earth by offermoord
white frost by augenweide  glasperlenspiel by augenweide  Gravitation by benjoin
Don't Tell A Soul by DpressedSoul  Delirium Tremens by siamesesam  Sleeping beauty by mldzz
GEOMETRICS by puken  Scale Brush Pack 2 by Chromamancer  The Gorge by Markus43
   Visualization of Permutation 027 by monochromeandminimal
Urbes (2). by Phototubby  Sous pression by amiejo  Menacing by LidiaRossana
It's the Jews by GawrilaGhul  On a Sunny Afternoon by tholang  Lines and Squares by Poromaa
Visualization of Permutation 028 by monochromeandminimal  Infatuation. by Phototubby  Skull 66 by jfdupuis
lightness by bluePartout
20170504DSC02584e by ltiana355  20170504DSC02584c by ltiana355  geometrical by geissa
Architexture XXVI by Art2mys  Two by alexeysilaev <da:thumb id="679013633"/>
The Lion Never Sleeps by tholang <da:thumb id="678914917"/>  mosaic 13 by creapicform
Loss 2 by aspruli 
Pyramide by feigenfrucht  #33 by Yaksss  Linked by GawrilaGhul
Tear Catcher by ejohanne  Threads by WillTC  Dreaming of golden wings... by ansdesign
Aster - BW by jhps  Photo of Permutation 28 by monochromeandminimal  Blois 2 by Pierre-Lagarde
Untitled by ltiana355
Urban Abstraction #19 by DpressedSoul <da:thumb id="680371107"/>  A/Synchronicity by tholang
Please Sit Down by KizukiTamura  nekje by tjasa  spirographe by KizukiTamura
 <da:thumb id="681128580"/>  Architexture XXXII by Art2mys
Somewhere in Portugal 35 by JACAC 
Please enjoy these incredible artworks and give a little friendship to the artists:
thanks for stopping by :iconbigheartplz:  






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What a cool feature. Thank you very much.
It's a really neat collection. ^_^
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kingwenProfessional Artist
It's always a surprise to see one of my pieces in your amazing features, Christiane! I end up learning about theme and composition and you introduce me to the work of lots of new people to explore! Thanks you. Love 
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Thank You...:heart:....!
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Thanks a lot Christiane, beautiful set with friends here :D
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so many great art here as usual. thank you kindly dear Christiane!:rose:
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Season-5Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for including my work. Love  I found a bunch of cool stuff in here!
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Thank you, dear Christiane! :hug:
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Ragnar949Professional General Artist
Many much to look throughNod  Thanks again 
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PansaSunaveeProfessional Traditional Artist
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scheinbarHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Excellent news! :clap:
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scheinbarHobbyist Traditional Artist
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lucytherescuedcatHobbyist Photographer
Superb feature! Awesome Photography! So very uniquely​ arranged! :love:
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scheinbarHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Thank you :tighthug: :tighthug: 
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scheinbarHobbyist Traditional Artist
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korroxStudent Photographer
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scheinbarHobbyist Traditional Artist
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GawrilaGhul General Artist
thanks again! :wave:
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scheinbarHobbyist Traditional Artist
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PhototubbyHobbyist Photographer
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scheinbarHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Wonderful collection! Thanks so much for the inclusion! :bow: =D
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scheinbarHobbyist Traditional Artist
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