various notes on the subject of confession

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you upstart thing

i love you

lie licker, old dog

you lay down by the fire for so long

but got up again. I missed you

while you slept. I brushed your hair.

one ghost in the greek yogurt good heron

i was with you then

and now

at the end of the universe i will piss in a cup

i will kiss the last dust

i will hold you very tightly

say to you that you worked hard

and that i love you.

i will tend to the temple. where

are you going, babylon

willow tree

can i


to the arid girl paradise Yes —to the root of it

where the moss grows soft

i am waiting for you

like a river

this is our last time being alive

i want to lie down by the fire again

No —

i walk in your imprint always

you know me better than anyone, robot

i know you best of all

when I stumble

i see you in the glory of heaven

washing dishes

i want to lie down upon the moss forever

which is my way of saying

i want to die

but won't

i wrote this to myself which is why its so ugly and embarrassing to read
im not really sorry for bad poems now or ever but i do feel strange, i have written more + better stuff than this in the past couple months i just cant bear to call anything finished
this one is going up because ive given up on it 
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Reading this again, I'm reminded of something Valery said: "A work is never truly completed, but abandoned; and this abandonment, of the book to the fire or to the public, whether due to weariness or to a need to deliver it for publication, is a sort of accident, comparable to the letting-go of an idea that has become so tiring or annoying that one has lost all interest in it."

Your work is always appreciated, in any case, however it gets here.

NLY's avatar

Beautiful opening.

IyraEMM's avatar

this reminds me a bit of tori amos' writing, i can't really pinpoint why, maybe just the feel of it. and it works as a letter to oneself or someone else, both are very real. i think it's so beautiful!

scheherazades's avatar

i think of her music as my growing up soundtrack - what a high compliment, thank you

IyraEMM's avatar

she definitely leaves a mark on all who hear her. of course :heart: