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March 30, 2020
unresolved by scheherazades
Featured by Zara-Arletis
Suggested by Lionnfart

Literature Text

Make a future out of thumb tacks

in a pissed-up sort of fashion

then live it. Down with fascism

eggs for breakfast, & so forth.

in a city on fire

shall we line up nicely to die

shall we hand over our belongings

shall we renounce our neighbours

under the watchful eye of the moon

Slather the butter over your toast

clink your glasses, say,

Funny how time runs out!

Tuck those doubts under your hat

& remember where you come from.

Turn off the lights

where is the Revolution, mother

why does nobody want to be saved

a sore existence & a Hello Kitty band aid

to patch up another January

good year for conglomerates

& men in power.

There is no Love

or Justice

in the imperialist state

& if I know nothing else

about Jesus

I know he fucking hates cops.

feeling both furious and despondent of late & had to write something i know its unheard of for me to get so political on this site
[2010 voice] dont like, dont read
this one also goes out to palaeochannel6 for somehow always knowing when i most need a reminder to keep writing
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Trippy4U's avatar
Lionnfart's avatar
congrats on the dd. well deserved! :)
ShadowLaments's avatar

This is awesome:) !!!

WindySilver's avatar
Congrats on the DD! ^^
Lintu47's avatar

Congrats on the Daily Deviation! :happybounce:

Have a nice day and stay safe!

LindArtz's avatar
Wonderful work!! :)!!!

Congratulations on your much deserved, DD! :clap:!!!

Zara-Arletis's avatar
This poem really has a lot of passion and fury. It reminds me of punk rock anthems and slam poetry. Eat your breakfast and die in a polite queue, mouth full and eyes shut. Really excellent stuff. Those last three lines though are what really got me. It's controversial, but good writing often is. Thank you so much for sharing!
Lionnfart's avatar
I usually don't like 'political' pieces, just as I just try to stay away from politics, but... this at least warrants a favorite. this is so powerful, the raw emotion behind this is palpable in every syllable.
hypnicjerks's avatar
this is fucking awesome
PolarAnemone's avatar
Freaking amazing. One of the best things I've read on dA recently.
chromeantennae's avatar
i love you so fucking much
FUCK man

just fucking writing on my fucking back or something godDAMN you are a legend in my heart i'm so serious fuck <3
scheherazades's avatar

love you dude

so glad i could evoke such a reaction! hope you are well <3

chromeantennae's avatar
i love you too <3 
we need to chat more i miss you (you still on snap?)
i hope you're well too <3
scheherazades's avatar

yes and ig too !!! <3

This is amazing!
GuinevereToGwen's avatar
I've already told you this but I absolutely freaking love it. :love:
nosedivve's avatar
The pieces you’ve been writing lately have been straight fire, and I am living for it. 

Thank you for writing things/moods I could only dream of writing. 
scheherazades's avatar

thank you so much :heart:

nosedivve's avatar
You’re welcome!!!
palaeochannel6's avatar
Holy fuck. I've been trying to manufacture some kind of response that does this justice, but I'm just struck.

This is the kind of poetry that radicalizes dumb shits like myself.

All I want to do now, is write, and earn the privilege of reading this.

God damn. This just made my entire year.
scheherazades's avatar

thank you so much :heart: here's to learning and making stuff

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