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The world turns blue

settles itself around my mad queen’s

shoulders. If you only knew

what was good for you

I am turning the delay pedal up

I am not available for consultation

you weren’t listening. I said

If you’re going to leave me

you should do it now

that venus in the cocoon of some

topical Valium paradise

in pursuit of a good slut’s death

I thought I had enough blood

to bleed forever

until I didn’t

until ardor dies

I am still a martyr to ecstasy

the candied addition, the perfect body

a sufficient offering

I wore the skin of your perfumed conquest

sexy, a salient dream of junk

Yes I was used. I loved for love

where is the feeling now, bitch?

where is the fucking feeling?

They got us good this time

with the whole freedom schtick. I never forgot

the taste of bleach and prozac

in the long hours. Milky Jupiter

With a cock in my mouth I don’t care

that my body isn’t mine. It could be anyone’s

scrub the wire wool

really put your back into it

I am such a good little imposter. Glittering

in the starlit garbage. Unknowable

I was your pocket woman

until boredom. There is no freedom

which does not corrode.

i want to learn the skill "writing poems when you feel happy" so i can post here more often 
instead you get my regular once-a-month crisis about having a body and thats it 
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well on one hand, if you're feeling happy for all but one day a month that's good right?

on the other hand, the way you put together words is always good and we'll support you because you're skilled
scheherazades's avatar

it is absolutely good! i wouldnt trade happiness for poems, id just like to figure out how to have both

thank you for your constant support c, i hope i can keep growing and improving for many years to come

gliitchlord's avatar
and pls i didnt mean to minimize anything good or bad in your life but yknow we audience like to hear good things for you

cheers to 2020, sch
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