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ive got worms in my brain

which rot and glow

while i deviously put the washing machine

on rinse and spin

as usual i have overdone it a bit

as usual i think something is supposed to come

after this part

O—how the stock market suffered

and swallowed

until there was nothing left for everybody else

when i went down to the watering hole

in the penitent blaze of a tuesday

i sucked on a blackberry lozenge

regretted it

spat it into the dirt

legend has it that it's still there

wrote this in march and never posted
ive been trying to work on my novel & feed myself 3 times a day & tutor 3 times a week & somehow face the world each morning so there hasnt been much space in me for poetry these past few months. but im getting there again
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palaeochannel6's avatar

Fuck yeah.

Always amazing. The novel will, for sure, be the same. Shoot a link when it's up for purchase.