one candid night and a nice cheeseboard

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February that endless landscape elusive

the evanescent headfuck of dawn—

I could reach God(or someone)

on the landline

I do not sleep—in sleep(as in waking)

my body is my enemy

the pitiful morsel to a cruel man's

silver spoon

On cold nights I do not turn the heating on


microwave pasta

making offerings

to the greedy shrine of the gas metre.

I believe in love, and communism

I want my name on the list— I believe in love—

the first night in weeks that I slept

I dreamed

I was running like a flock of birds I was running

into the sky and dreaming(the pimpled skin of

an orange I wounded the waiting)

that a man I had once loved ran after me

calling my name like a word that could be

spoken(I knew better— but I still wanted

to answer him)

That fever was a different breed

a solemn seed of scraping

bled out the pith for one candid night

and a nice cheeseboard

before they

Take You Out Back!

For the gun, I could've lived

I was afraid of what I loved

moon over the flooded river in spring I ran

for the mountains the crack of God who

teaches men what to feel

pink in my bones where I felt the leash


successfully traded one prison

for the next.

eagerly ate my words

waiting for a new coming

(isn't someone else going to do the right thing

isn't someone else going to do the right thing

isn't someone else going to—)

Im up in that pulpit

talking about the way it feels to be waist deep

in sea water, working tables.

Rise with the sun see the veins of your arms

Go to work. Go to work. Go to work.

mopping up a child's piss at 9 AM

picturing pennies dribbling

into my pathetic outstretched hands

this labour is the lover's life I led(unhallowed)

In the light I looked the same as you.

What's over? it goes on forever—

our dreams clutched

in the sweaty hands and whimsy

of rich men.

(if you want them back

you know what to do)

overlong somewhat directionless poem which covers many of my typical themes including the month of february, hating God, having a job, and evil men

i started writing this in late january and finished in march, no idea why it took me that long anyway eat the rich 
© 2020 - 2021 scheherazades
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