insoluble dream of living well

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Walking into honest holes

laced up morning harbinger

zip closed your body a work uniform

exhume a thing which. Dabbled

in dark beauty

what future living this is it

wringing the water out the cloth

wringing the love out the body

I am trying not to wander

yesterdays garden

dodging calls from my insurance provider

as the city rages on

& on

I am always losing me in pieces

the small change of my soul abandoned

to various couches across europe

Yes in fact I am missing something

But still

this is where I'm leaving you

the feeling of guilt is a natural result of desire.

I want to run over the hills and into the moon

let the day the body, the


I spun the poem round the. Page

made soup. dreamsof transjoy

its september

I do dream of going

I dream of never coming back

rough poem from early september when all i wanted was to sell my car before my insurance renewal hit and then go to sleep for a week - i achieved only one of those dreams 
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These poems are absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to read more.

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