STOP you're happy

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unravelled nowhere cradling garbage

like woman I have hands swallowed

feeling week Wide strange God

bought wounded pink

that's winter thinking

Alleluia, somebody's hills are peaceful

anything yellow will work

for wanting

the Sunday river

good one love on the kind bus

For spill of diamond, refrigerated

used glass STOP you're happy


wake when the light starts running

cloud mouth stupid bed rush

he can't open the day

or the door with a real face

body forever little girl in the wanted always

i was Like shit

things splintered

let the train find heaven

Stay beautiful


Nobody's crazy first leaves

through ritual death the ritual daughter

rinse the damage endless Milk sleep

i YES ran

For the likelihood

of moonlight

bit of an amalgam experiment

hope everybody is well 
© 2020 - 2021 scheherazades
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anapests-and-ink's avatar
This is a haunting bit of poetry. It inspires so many wild and deep images. I love the lines "he can't open the day / or the door with a real face". May I ask what your inspiration was?