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(MMD/SF)Krystal Update-Download



Edit: Model Update!!! I wasn't going to post an update of her 'till much later. But as I tried to work on her facials, I realized that she had way to many physics. 0.0 Plus, her ears were weighted poorly. X.x 

So, instead of just uploading a fixed version, I added a couple of things. She has her gems on her head and two versions. 1 with her normal tail and the other with a tail if she had no bindings on them. The fur effect is used the same way for both versions. Just look at the tutorial.


Krystal belongs to Nintendo
Ripped model was from Models Resource
MMD conversion by SchattenKitsune666

The other version is deleted. So, let's pretend this is the first version shall we. XD
© 2017 - 2023 SchattenKitsune666
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can i please redistribute it?