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Passion - Zhuyen :iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 1 0
ID inspired by the 1930s by Schattenfee ID inspired by the 1930s :iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 0 10 Kallisti Invictus by Schattenfee Kallisti Invictus :iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 4 0 kallisti Invictus Wallpaper by Schattenfee kallisti Invictus Wallpaper :iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 9 8
Mature content
The awakening :iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 0 5
Mature content
Stormy night :iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 1 0
I wished I was a hero
I wished I was a star
But in my darkest hours
there was nothing more for me than
hopeless waiting
But sometimes
There is a loving heart out there
waiting for me
only for me
and not for a hero
and not for a star
but for me
:iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 1 0
Drinking my own sadness
Drinking my own Sadness
Somwhere between heaven and hell,
where demons rule and where shadows dwell
I lost you in my fears
And now I'm drinking my own tears.
Drinking my own sadness
Drowning sorrow in tears
burning with my madness
Gliding through the years
Where are you now, where have you gone?
Searched for traces on my soul but I found none.
I'm dropping from the sky
falling as deep as I flew high.
Always afraid of losing you
I never realized you're afraid, too.
Wasted years spent in regret
We never knew how much we really had.
:iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 3 7
Songs in the Wind
Songs in the Wind
Whispering softly through the forest green,
Stories of joy and spring,
of love and wonders yet unseen
and odes to the faerie king.
They are the children of lost dreams,
born of wishes and of desire,
raised in the hearts of gods as it seems
and grown to passion's fire.
They are what we were, what we dare not be,
what we once had and have lost.
In our world of power we dare not be free
and wonder at the cost.
Remember them, the songs that they brought,
the songs in the wind that still sound.
For they are nothing but the children's thoughts we once thought,
Lost in adulthood and again never found.
:iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 2 5
Archangeloi V - some answers
Q: How are the angels organized within the houses?
A: Only the Nephilim do not have strict hierarchies. They are led by a coucil of elders. The Houses Sunset and Morningstar share a common system. This system is called the "Choirs". These are:
The Angeloi:
Every angel is an angelos. But next to the simple description of the angelic race, it is also a term commonly used for the peasants, those withot further status, the lowest of angels.
The Archai:
This second lowest order is concerned only with earthly matters. Her work is quite low in the eyes of their superiors. Their duty is dealing with human settlements and politics and influencing it to the wishes of their superiors. Lately, this has become less and less important to the higher orders so that one is mainly "promoted" to the archai  if one's leader wants to get rid of you.
The Exusai:
This third choir is for war heros, artists and diplomats of high standing but little influence in the things of Heaven.  An ser
:iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 1 5
Archangeloi VI Morningstar
House Morningstar
They are the Fallen Ones, the rebells, those who once, under the leadership of Lucifer Morningstar, rose against the Lord. Since there rebellion was violently smashed, they are exiled from the Ivory Tower. And they all bear a sign of there shame, a stigma, as a sign of their treason against the lord. Driven by their dark lusts, eaten up by their passions, they exist away from the Lord's grace and they lust for revenge.  Unpredictability, passion and sin are the main experiences among the Morningstars. The depths of their emotions are incomprehendable for some, while some have learned not to show any emotion at all. But deep inside every member of this House burns a fire. The fire of rebellion, the fire of sin, the fire of freedom. The Morningstar himself rules these Angeloi lovingly, but with an iron hand, as not to allow anarchy and chaos to subdue his House.
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer is a complex personality. He once was the most shining of angles, and e
:iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 3 2
Archangeloi III House Nephilim
House Nephilim
This is the House of mortal angels. The origin of the members of this house long remained hidden. But new the truth came to light. Born into the mortal world as children of angels and mortals, they arrive in the heavens after their mortal death. In the process, they lose every memory of their former existence. But even in heaven, they remain mortal. After centuries, those angels simply fade. A further consequence of their mortal origin is the fact that killing an angel seems much more natural to them then to the members of the high houses. They are the only ones not to suffer a physical deformity thereafter, no "stigmata" as it is called in the other houses. Therefor, they are often used as assassins by the other houses. This house does not know any strict hierarchies. It is ruled by a council of elders, which is explained in more detail later.
Fields of the Nephilim:
A small, unimportant piece of land between the kingdoms of Houses Sunset and Morningstar: this is the re
:iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 3 8
Archangeloi II - House Sunset
House Sunset is the most shining of the Houses. These Angeloi (angels) are God's creatures of light, and they fullfill his wishes and bring his justice. At least, this is what they themselves belief in. But the Lord has not spoken to them for a long time, and so they look up to their leaders, the shining Archangeloi, to tell them HIS will.
Michael - The great commander of God's armies, proud and beautyful and of unpredictable temper. He is the chief commander of the armies. Wild and passionate, he leads his fraction of House Sunset to battle.
Raphael - The Keeper of Art and Knowledge, the Healer of Souls. As stunningly beautyful as Michael, he is calm but  cunning of nature. His passion for beauty in the works of God lets him appear superficial or lofty from time to time, but in him burns a insatable desire for preservance. This is the duty of his flock.
Uriel - He was the Master of the realm of death, sedate, calm and composed. His realm was of a dark beauty and silent glow.
:iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 1 14
Archangeloi - War in Heaven I
The First War in Heaven is only a memory. Then, thousands of years ago, rebelious angels under the command of Lucifer, the Morningstar, rose against the Lord. Angel fought against angel and the heavens crimsoned with blood. House Sunset, the proud house of the Lord, was victorious. The rebels were cast down to Hell.
But the war never ended.
Eternally, the Houses of the Angels fight each other, eternally, the war goes on and the short episodes of peace are just an illusion. The Houses are so blind in there eternal hatred that they hardly notice the new danger taht creaps out of the shadows. A dark peril lurks, ready to subdue the  Heavens forever. But will the Houses notice? Is there hope?
:iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 4 10
Mature content
A Dream :iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 0 21
Mature content
Tasting you :iconschattenfee:Schattenfee 6 23


Harp by Nagusameru Harp :iconnagusameru:Nagusameru 3 1 Dragonharp by Nagusameru Dragonharp :iconnagusameru:Nagusameru 5 2 Fairytree by Nagusameru Fairytree :iconnagusameru:Nagusameru 2 0
Hunter's requiem
Hunter's requiem
caged in darkness
        lost in an eternity
of night
can't see to find your
shadows of memories,
long forgotten dreams
what is it like to have
A sunless eternity
  centuries of loneliness
of fear
  pain and sorrow hold
you caged in darkness
unable to excape, unable
to die
you who have the power
of life and death
      cursed with a
cold existance
stories whispered around
the hunted called you
   long forgotten stories
of your people in
a modern city
the hunted wonder at
your beauty, grace
and speed
do they realize
   the lives they
throw away for
a stranger's smile?
   you've seen
it all
the endless wars, the broken
a world unaware of
her danger, sprinting into
  a fallen angel wreathed
in flames under the
rising sun
:iconcaffeinated-bunny:Caffeinated-Bunny 6 11
The Goblin King by KimiSchaller The Goblin King :iconkimischaller:KimiSchaller 1,033 178 My Salvation by KimiSchaller My Salvation :iconkimischaller:KimiSchaller 155 34 Portrait of a Priest by KimiSchaller Portrait of a Priest :iconkimischaller:KimiSchaller 136 47 Elena by Nagusameru Elena :iconnagusameru:Nagusameru 1 12 Liberty by Nagusameru Liberty :iconnagusameru:Nagusameru 4 0 The Gryphon by KimiSchaller The Gryphon :iconkimischaller:KimiSchaller 389 56 Nouveau Pierrot by KimiSchaller Nouveau Pierrot :iconkimischaller:KimiSchaller 88 30 Vladimir Tod by KimiSchaller Vladimir Tod :iconkimischaller:KimiSchaller 548 254 Desolate by KimiSchaller Desolate :iconkimischaller:KimiSchaller 83 45
I Kissed A Boy
      I saw you there across the hall
      couldn't help but notice you, there, looking at me
      You made me blush as you smiled, walking twords me
      Maybe teasing me in your mind?
      I can't help myself, picturing you naked in my mind
      .....God, you're hot
      Average Bi guy's train of thought
      How do I get a grip on reality?
      You told me your name
       .....I laughed telling you mine as I kinda tripped into you
      God, you smell good,  those thick arms wrapped around me
      How I wished you'd like me.... or could just be drunk
     We swap e-mail and phone
:iconflowerboy016:FlowerBoy016 26 96
Adjustment Layer Tutorial by PeteMohrbacher Adjustment Layer Tutorial :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 354 62


  • Listening to: "A Hero comes home" (Beowulf)
  • Reading: Tithe - Holly Black
  • Watching: Kermit - The Swamp years
  • Playing: Changeling - The Lost
  • Drinking: Single Malt Whiskey
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1. I am a manipulative socialiser.
2. No matter how difficult times get, I tend to come out on top.
3. I love Jim Henson's work, especially the Muppets. I really sympathize with Kermit and Gonzo.
4. I really love Changelings and Faeries.
5. I am a devoted roleplaying gamer.
6. My life is dedicated to my family.
7. I always try to keep poetry, passion and beauty alive in my life.
8. I despise cowardice and stupidity.

I actually don't know yet whom to tag, but I'll let you know.


Current Residence: ancient city on the Rhine
Favourite genre of music: Chanson, Medieval, Folk, Metal, Country
MP3 player of choice: I-Pod
Favourite cartoon character: Cesare Borgia (Cantarella)
Personal Quote: My world exists only in storybooks, my life is a dream...only my love is real.


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