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My First DD!

2 min read
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Life can be good!

16 min read

Ok, it's been a while since my latest journal entry..!

First, I would like to thank each and every one of you who has been so so supportive! I would love to do it individually and I will try to do so, although it seems harder and harder to catch up..! I do read every comment and message and I appreciate you taking the time to pay me a visit! :heart:

It's been quite a journey, these past few months. Among the occurrence of little incredible things has been a mini photo exhibition I had in a local cafe/bar/restaurant, the opportunity to travel and discover beautiful corners worth shooting as well as many photographic opportunities which will soon flourish into something wonderful. I will be sharing some of my new work hopefully soon!

In one of those moments of bliss I came across this quote which I'd like to share with you..
"Life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it. Throughout my life I've left pieces of my heart here and there and now there's almost none enough to stay alive."
So I'm adding this as a reminder of having fun in the process, enjoying moments and appreciating what you already have. Afterall, it's all the little things that make the difference..!

Time for yet another feature, please give these wonderful artists your support!
Hasta luego!


Feel the rain on your skin.. by incredi :thumb258351622:
The weight of your words by Julie-de-Waroquier :thumb189602070:
A child's thought... by JanneO Self Portrait by Akemisatya
Heartbeat by dark3y3s :thumb254930691:
A Float by Hengki24
+This is Your Life BW+ by MeganAllen :thumb252059064: :thumb50189553:
come down master by bittertaste Balance by forgottenx
Industry and Nature by Ymntle-Aleoni :thumb254335891: hard shell soft core by jfphotography
Planet Earth. XXI century by Elsilencio I miss you by psychicLexa
Some Kind Of Progress by DpressedSoul Love will never wash away. by 9LivesVixen there's  always hope. by this-is-the-life2905
:thumb251778767: OH my God by JACAC
Bon Appetit by Somebody--else A Big Jaw Is Eating My Head by iKate
She Doesn't Need Wings To Fly by BenHeine :thumb204776507:
Milk Drop SPLAT by La-Vita-a-Bella The Perfect Element by Pajunen
:thumb211272296: Coffee by c-inderella
:thumb252083770: please let me get what i want.For two hundred and eighty four days, I woke up. I woke up with this bone-deep ache that never went away. I woke up to an incessant question playing in my mind that would never be answered. I woke up alone.
For two hundred and eighty four days, I woke up without you when I woke up at all. The thing about time is that it never does make anything better. It just means more space to think. It means sleepless nights trying to figure it all out. When it went wrong. How to make it better. It means slowly losing my mind. But it never once meant getting over you.
It's funny how the things you think you've forgotten always come rushing back when you're standing face to face and in one swift breath, you remember it all.
You remember everything.
The sky is always biggest right before it rains. That's how I learned to always couple disappointment with expectations since no matter how beautiful something seems, a disaster is always right on the horizon.
The waves are crashing quickly on the shoreli

The face of soft glass by Jogi1960 Brilliant squares by StephArt09
Church Cemetery in Vienna by pingallery :thumb258799168:
the Old Jukung by randyrakhmadany
Auroras over Festvag by SindreAHN Last Light Triple Falls by joerossbach A Break In The Storm by davidrichterphoto
Never Never Land by Capturing-the-Light Lighthouse 3 by soulofautumn87
Storm Rail by o0oLUXo0o
Muuuuuum by Svenimal High key kitty by Alexandra35   Rubis by fruitpunch1
Isetta in HDR by wulfman65

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Eyecatching News!

3 min read

I was so thrilled to discover that I won a photography contest so I wanted to share with you!!
My photo: "Smells like Spring" won first place in the contest "Spring into Summer" held by :iconeyecatchingphotos: , here it is:

Thank you so much for the support and congrats to everyone!

Also I'd like to apologise in advance for any late replies. I haven't been spending too much time on Deviant Art lately due to lack of time - and I must say I have missed it terribly!
BUT I have managed to steal some time off and travel to Rhodos and Lebanon and got to spend some quality time with my loved ones, which has definitely been rejuvenating! I will try to post some pictures as soon as time allows it! :aww:

I hope everyone is enjoying summertime!! :heart:

PS: Also a feature coming up soon!

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Always on a weekend..

14 min read
Always on a weekend..

Through time I wonder whether there is some sort of conspiracy or agreement with the universe for what is to fall upon us. And then I keep wondering whether cursing the universe will follow with all the unnecessary consequences..!

Regardless, all I want to say is that is wonderful ! For all the beautiful simple inspiring moments.

Time for another feature! Please give these amazing artists the support they truly deserve! They are truly inspiring!

Zlata2 by frau-kurpatova            

Mature Content

Cloudbusting series 1 by Allie-woo
LOST GLORY by praveenchettri   Margaux by marrian         Matt by monikha   
:thumb200179153:       In my dreams I can see you by mehrmeer
Sincere by iNeedChemicalX    
WAY OF LOVE by cetrobo       Around by JACAC       :thumb71342662:
Footprint by imveryconfused        Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies by TheMan268  
Mother and Child by KarlDawson        Airplane window by GlueR    
An intimate moment by LPeregrinus        Heads and Bags_II by cande-knd     
Nothing's Wrong by Summers-Solstice
don't be scared of me ... by OrazioFlacco          Ahhhhhhhh.... by StickANeedleInMyEye      
.: Curious :. by hugogracaphotography    attack by odpium           :p by yup12        
My Africa 16 by catman-suha      :thumb206375413:
Instant Coffee by chabruphotography                  sad but true by AlexKPhoto  
Receiving.Terrestrial by EintoeRn the red.. by TricksterNabi
Bridge of Sighs in Dresden by pingallery  
Sepian Alesund HDR by Charon1      St Mary's Cathedral - Infrared by La-Vita-a-Bella  
Tiny Grenoble by songe         Ballad of Lokbaintan by randyrakhmadany
:thumb166800570:          Colourful morning. by incredi     Typic by xAgNO3x
Dreamtime by Capturing-the-Light           Isn't this where... by werol
That Same Other World by LarsVanDeGoor       :thumb183789444:    :thumb209722096:  
sunrise by samuelvincent       Vortex by Greenex          Sunset Dance by Jemiyah

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11 min read

..and only once in a while under the setting sun she appears as a distant memory, the dream she so hoped it was real, only to remind her she was felt like the sun caressed her [now] sunburnt cheeks and the sand penetrated through her pores in small shares. She kept a breath only so much to escape from the catatonic surrealism as the memories made those salty water drops stream to their descent, evaporating before impact and wishing it was only as easy for them to be erased (or not)..

Here's another feature of some magnificent artists, their work is truly remarkable, so please show them the support they deserve! :heart:

She Loves Me Not by MyLifeThroughTheLens :thumb202651755:
............... by Mastowka :thumb199669251:
Monika_1 by hellwoman Oyster by SachaKalis
Ablutophobia by CaitlinWorthington

Fasst Downhill Left Turn by StickANeedleInMyEye       Sinus.Curve by EintoeRn Dear Maths... by this-is-the-life2905
:thumb130556839:  :thumb179373522: :thumb207524591:
GALVAN - Sagrada Familia II by CARLOSGALVAN :: Withered Shades -II- :: by nexion
Pencil Vs Camera - 50 by BenHeine Brittle by Greenex
Spiral Bridge 02 by kentnek Germany - Schwerin Castle by pingallery
Barn In The Fall by Cute-And-Bright :thumb168722361: :thumb207525052:
Infrascapes in Somogy - XL by DimensionSeven :thumb207057509:
Serenity by mitchorr :thumb207123854:    ypsilon by arbebuk
Walkover by Robakh      The frogs have gone missing by equinoxe7 Picture in picture by gummaid  
Entrancing Light 9 by lemonsatethelimes   Wet Road by Pajunen
Underwater by satorifoto Strange Bedfellows by CharlesWb His Painting by manicolorz
Half Dome Reflect by o0oLUXo0o Horizon point by Kounelli1 Dresden Zwinger in autumn by Torsten-Hufsky
The Dark Hedges ..Misty by Klarens-photography

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