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Hello, I'm from :iconprojectcomment:, this is a amazing piece of art. The foreground is so detailed and sharp. It really paid out although you spend so mu...

Hello again, this is an amazing and cute piece. First of all what I love most is the colour palette, the lighting and the eyes. You are...

Hello Alecsis, I'm from :iconprojectcomment: I can see that you are pretty skilled and understand a lot about the painting basics ;). Also when looking on ...

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Daydreaming Girl
A fun portrait study I did thid weekend :)

My other social media. (I post sketches on instagram that I don't have alwas time to upload here. :) (Smile)
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Forest Walk - Edit
Thank you for the helpful critique and the nice comments, you are amazing guys. Your critique always helps so much. I didn't edit a lot:

-I just tried to make the water look more water-like by additing some sprinkles and making it less liny.
-I also blurred out the silouhettes of people standing on the hill.
-I tried to put a bit more detail in the grass.
-I dimmed the lght in the background very slightly

special thanks to:


I will try and answer you specifically also, I'm sorry I'm so late. I was a bit in short in time ;)

It would be nice to connect with you on different platforms :)
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Forest Walk
Critique welcome ;)

Based on all the helpful critique I received, I tried to improve the piece and resubmitted it:
Forest Walk - Edit by Scharle
The Wild Thing - Edits
A big thank you to you all for critiquing the piece. Based on your comments I tried my best to make improvements. I tried to make the foreground of the piece a bit lighter and the boy slighly darker and more blueish to fit into the background. I also tried to correct the foot of the boy. Not sure if it looks better now. Lastly I looked up some references and tried to improve the expression on the boy's face based on that. 

Without your help I would'nt have spotted so many mistakes so I can't thank you enough Heart Heart Heart! If you still notice anything feel free to point it out, it really helps me!!

Portrait -2
portrait study. Don't like how it turned out. Something seems to be still wrong with the face?

Social media:

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Rain Fall In The Clear - Edit
I tried to make the goat look more like a goat and less than a dog or wolf. I also tried to make the head of the woman slightly less round. 

Thank you for your feedback HopeDiamond3 larunaluna theJfluffy Seeeks IBAIPshow Osoni-newyorker123 chrisbrotto thatguybrody ProtoTEnterprise WeepingRose13 Angel47093 xXCatTeaXx
Rainfall In the Clear
What do you think of the Bokeh effects I added? Does it make the painting better or should I leave it out?
Lost - Edit
After plenty of comments on the last piece I needed to make some edits and here is the final result. Thanks for the critiques and for commenting:
SwanTheDreamer  Amalia-Cats ado-mi  Seeeks KrisLalev  thatguybrody  adam-ant2 Amalia-Cats ArquidesisStudio
Evening View - Edit
I made some edits to this piece I submitted some time ago. Thank you to everyone that helped me so much by pointing out what could be improved or just gave me a nice comment :):

The-Future1 Sauex Seeeks atomicsnarl  BlueMario1016 EnigmaValora Nabulangi  KeenQueen
Another illustration, that is a bit inspired from Stranger Things. It was a really nice show to watch :).

I'm really not sure if this lighter version looks better or the darker one:
Lost - darker by Scharle

Would like to know your opinion ;)
A few painting process videos, I uploaded recently:

The Stone
It's special stone that's called 'Erdie Stone'. It can make noises because it is hollow and has a small stone inside it.
I was tagged by ProtoTEnterprise

You have to post ALL the rules.

Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged.
Choose 12 people.
Actually tag these people.
Can't say you don't do tags.
Tag backs are allowed.

so here we go:

1. What videogames do you like?
I didn't play for a long time, but all time favourites are: 
Dota2, Anno, Tomb Raider uhmm well that's all I guess...

2. What is your best comic and why?
I don't read comics unfortunately although I like the art in it ;)

3. How do you consider yourself?
Someone that can't just do one thing but constantly skips between different interests becauss I need new challenges. And I'm a bit of a nerd... 

4. Do you have any project on mind?
Yes I'm currently illustrating a book my mom wrote. I'ts a lot of fun...

5. What is your favorite show?
Umm don't watch shows but I'll say Britains Got Talent and Jimmy Fallon

6. And your favorite movie?
Difficult but I'll say Lord of the Rings 

7. What are your favorite music genres?
R&B and Pop mostly... 

8. Could you say what you would do and think if you ever get powers?
Try to make the world a better place of course ;)

9. And what powers would be?
Be very strong or be super intelligent perhaps...

10. Do they have rivals?

11. If they had the chance to go to a fictional world, which one would they go to? =) (Smile)
The Harry Potter world :)

12. What do you prefer: Marvel or DC or neither or both or another and why?
I prefer Marvel allthough I didn't read the comics, just watched the movies... 

My questions are

1. If you could only choose to do one thing of the following for the rest of your life, would it be write or draw?

2. When did you discover you like creating or looking at art? 

3. Do you prefer digital or traditional art (looking at or creating)?

4. Do you have a passion/hobby besides art?

5. What has been the longest time you haven't drawn or created anything?

6.  What are your top 3 TV-Series?

7. What are the top three colours you love to use in your paintings?

8. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

9. When is your favourite time of the day to draw or write?

10. What are your top three inspirations of art?

11. What is your favourite traditional drawing medium?

12. Do you spend more time off or on the computer ;)?

I want to nominate the following people:


I'm so curious to hear your answers ;)


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Keep up the great work! :happybounce: 
Scharle Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ty so much for these uplifting and motiviational words. I'm so happy you checked out my gallery and liked what you found :). I'll try my best and keep creating +fav Heart +fav Heart 
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nitinrajput90 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018  Student Digital Artist
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i really appreciate that
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you're welcome :)
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