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RIVAL LEGENDS - Atreyu - A Lad, Bold as Fire

By SchAlternate
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Hey! It's been long time since I submitted any art, huh? Sorry. Like I said earlier, school has been a pain, but now IT'S FINALLY OVER! I'm so happy!

But, most importantly, I'M FREE! So now I can draw as much as I want without having to deal with sheer boredom. So expect lots of drawings from here on now!

Either way, I have been planning on a little project for quite a long time. Plans for a game I'm designing called "RIVAL LEGENDS", which is currently in the conceptual stages (you may have seen some vague sneak peaks around my gallery), but will soon become a reality. I won't reveal much of it besides a few characters that will be starring the game. Hope you like them!


A young, novice warrior from the Fire Region. He was born in a village near a volcano, which was quite hardy for a place that had to endure constant volcanic eruptions and invasions from the dreadful Goblin tribe. Determined to become a warrior worthy of legends, he set off to prove his might and scale his way among histories mightiest heroes.

He's fearless, stubborn, and quite arrogant. He can be a bit clumsy sometimes, specially when he attempts to be a show off. He's often seen cracking cheesy one liners because he has seen too much TV as a kid. Despite that, he is willing to get his ass handed over- er, to risk his life to defend the innocent and weak, though often asking something in return.

Nevertheless, for a rookie, he is a very skilled swordsman, wielding a blade that can (sometimes) ignite itself to sear his enemies. He is also very fast and nimble, contrary to his rival, Athena, who is more of a powerhouse.

Speaking of her, the two don't get along very well, seeing as they share similar goals and get in each other's way all the time.

He's named after the hero kid from The Neverending Story. Watch it. It's a good movie. Or read the book, whatever.

Art and Characters belong to me.
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The design is simple, but it's pretty good. I wish you the best of luck with your game. :)
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Rival Legends, eh? I like the name. I hope you reveal more of the story. Also, I like Atreyu's stance. When you said he's clumsy, I can picture him bragging a lot like, "Hey look at me!"
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Some folks have made a drinking game, in which each had to take a shot for every time Atreyu crashed against a tree upon saying that.

They died of overdose.
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Man, I am going to take a print of this to my barber and ask them to cut my hair like this. This man's cut is off the hook!
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Such are the perks of being Generic Anime Protagonist #3547
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OOOOPPPSSS! Sorry man! There were a ton of comments on here, but I kind of sort of ate them! MY BAD! BRRAP! 'SCUSE ME!
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DAAARGH!! *a nearby volcano erupts*
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