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RIVAL LEGENDS - Athena - A Lass, Though as Earth

By SchAlternate
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Hey! It's been long time since I submitted any art, huh? Sorry. Like I said earlier, school has been a pain, but now IT'S FINALLY OVER! I'm so happy!

But, most importantly, I'M FREE! So now I can draw as much as I want without having to deal with sheer boredom. So expect lots of drawings from here on now!

Either way, I have been planning on a little project for quite a long time. Plans for a game I'm designing called "RIVAL LEGENDS", which is currently in the conceptual stages (you may have seen some vague sneak peaks around my gallery), but will soon become a reality. I won't reveal much of it besides a few characters that will be starring the game. Hope you like them!


A tough maiden from the Earth Region. She's the daughter of a high ranking military officer from the Armada, a powerful and dreaded military organization, who trained her to be a strong soldier. She, however, had other plans and escaped the citadel she lived in to pursue her own goals as a mercenary, so that she leaves her mark on history.

She's hot tempered, sarcastic and steadfast. She usually tries to keep her cool and appear to be serious, but prone to burst at the smallest impulse. Once annoyed, she'll not stop her outrage until whoever irritated her, no matter how big, ends up wearing their teeth as a tiara. She also hates anyone who harms innocent people for entertainment, because, come on, that's just not cool.

Although her training is incomplete, she learned enough. She is a powerful warrior, who wields a very heavy mace, capable of cracking the very ground she steps. Strong, slow, and steady, unlike her rival Atreyu, who is a fast, ferocious and fragile.

Speaking of him, the two are not friends. At all. They battle quite brutally in a daily basis, and their rivalry is unmatched.

Named after the goddess of wisdom and war from Greek mythology. I mean, she's not really wise, but she is street smart, I guess.

Art and Characters belong to me.
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That face...

At first I thought she may have been the one from your Apprentice drawing, but taking another look, most likely not.

Although, if she was trained to be a soldier, she could've ditched her armor. Or I could just be over thinking it. lol
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1) No, she's not the one from "Apprentice".

2) She did ditch her armor, but kept the helmet. She only got herself a tunic that matched the color scheme of her soldier armor.

I'll explain some more of those details later on, though!
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Wow I can't believe I got the armor thing right.
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Damn, I really love the symbol in the background. Makes the whole piece look really spiffy!

The art style is really nice too. Looks great and it really stands out!
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Glad you love it!
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Glad I love you! MUWAH!
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