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:ahoy: ahoy mates...

these two logos I have created for an upcoming event which me and some other people are gonna host in my city Wuppertal.
It will be like a tournament. there will be many cool games - not only sports but also some quiz games, eating contests, some creative games and many more...
it is not yet all decided. if you have some cool ideas just give me a shout :lmao:


about the logos

The top one is all handdrawn and then vectorized in illustrator.
It says Talympics - TAL comes from Wuppertal and is like a short form of the cities name.

The second one is referring to the olympic rings. I made four chain elements instead of the rings which form the letter W standing for Wuppertal

Hope you like those logos.
Maybe there is some more stuff about the games to come...
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I love how many people don't read the blurb and ask what font you used! :laugh:

Great work though, wish I could do stuff like this! :D
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hahaha damn you are so right. ppl never read anything, I guess.
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You are fantastic!
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thank you mate :D glad u like my stuff
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this is 2 awesome
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hi, in the logo Talympics you created or you downloaded the font?
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i created it myself. no fonts uses, all handdrawn
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what font did you use?
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it is handwritten, no font.
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The logo is awesome and you have really good taste for colors too :horns:!
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awesum dude! you rock.
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haha thanks bro :la:
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How did you learn to draw letters like that? All of your stuff is dope! Have any good tuts on how to free hand font like that?

Keep it up
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thanks mate, really appreciate it.
I don't really have any tuts for this kind of stuff. just using pen & paper and my imagination
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some good stuff
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