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A cloud on the fringe
Tree had been right, nestled into the side of the great hill, with the neon sun smeared across the clouds and snowy stretches alike, it was not so cold today. It looked like being up a mountain high in the sky, the snow stretched out beneath like clouds and the other clouds above obscured the rising sun just enough to make it look like a neon orb. The hill had always seemed like a mountain to cloud, but then, he had never seen mountains. The illusion created by the lumpy, snowy plains was unbroken, even by evidence of his own people; as it should be. It was like actually being a cloud. He felt safe here. He felt like he was properly following the teachings of his mother.
“Mother?”, he had asked one day, “Why am I Cloud? Why are we named after human words, after the word concepts human's give to natural things?”
“You are cloud, because I am Sky, because your father is Water. Because that is what we must be to the others. That is what we must be in the world
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Cloud's flashback
He had encountered a human person once. A little girl, barely three if he could tell human ages right. She had strayed too far from her camp in the woods, her parents sleeping. She had been small and looked soft, her limbs seeming even stubbier than adult humans, for how plump they were. Here eyes were bright blue and her hair a golden colour, in two strands on the side of her head. He watched her till early morning, wandering around, sleeping on moss, her red dress getting covered in mud. He knew he was not supposed to get close, but the woods were not really safe for her either, and she was so small. He knew from what he had heard already that no one would take her seriously if she had claimed to see him, so he watched her, lurking through the trees, barely making a leaf rustle. He almost felt like he was doing something wrong, something dangerous, but he could not leave her there unwatched, and in the end he had felt justified.
A bear had been grazing for blueberries, two small cubs
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Applejack (humanized) by ScereyahaDreamweaver
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Current projects by ScereyahaDreamweaver
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Peahen lady by ScereyahaDreamweaver Peahen lady :iconscereyahadreamweaver:ScereyahaDreamweaver 2 4
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Dead Pool Panda by ScereyahaDreamweaver
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MARVEL by ScereyahaDreamweaver MARVEL :iconscereyahadreamweaver:ScereyahaDreamweaver 0 0
I wonder if this is how others expeirence hope
I keep wondering if there is something amazingly incomprehensible about the way I speak.
You say " They were characters that I wanted to hear more about, and they've made them into mobs to be cut down."
What I hear -and I don't know if you'd understand how or why- is "They were people. And now they've made them disposable clones, empty shells where there used to be life."
Obviously you don't lack empathy or interest in others.
I wonder if maybe the way I feel about things is just really abnormal and hard for people to understand.
But maybe you lack empathy for -and interest in- me.
I wonder if maybe I conceptualize things in such an abnormal way that no one can be counted on to even be approaching something from the same angle.
You say "I  don't really -in this instance- care if I understand you, I just need to feel like you understand me."
What I hear is "I don't have any interest in how you think or feel. What's most important to me is that I feel justified, understood and accep
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Mature content
Of Monkeys Cats and Squirrels : writing sample :iconscereyahadreamweaver:ScereyahaDreamweaver 5 5


Honesty suits me fine
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
My name is Sarah and I'm an artist of many kinds.
Mostly, I work on digital paintings or drawings and story writing, but I also write
editorials (rants really) as well as doing sculpting, sewing, photography
and some cooking, makeup, home repair, coding and etc...
My goal -here on DeviantART- is to get feedback on my work to prepare me
to produce things that I can monetize.
I plan to start taking commissions as soon as I am able to dedicate the required time to it,
and would like to produce a semi-regular comic. I'm always looking for feedback and inspiration,
so let me know what you think of my work and what you would like to see from me.


There's free art in it for anyone who can fully solve the first puzzle game I've left scattered across the internet. Maybe head over to my other sites?

#freeart #puzzlecontest #hardpuzzles


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