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assault on the capital

fine art print by, ROBERT TAYLOR ,,reach for the sky ,series,
name, ,ASSAULT ON THE CAPITAL, , wall paper,
on the afternoon of the 7th sept 1940,led by HERBERT IHLEFELD,me 109e ,of 11/LG2 dive through the bomber formation giving chase to hurricanes of 242 sqd ,as ju88s of kg30-having unloaded their bombs ,head for home .One ju88 has been hit and,already losing height ,will not return .following behind ,he111,s of kg53 try to formation as they fly through flak,
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Amazing! Simply amazing.
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wow ..look so real !!
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good stuff,,aa,,:thumbsup:
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That`s great work ! but do u have permission from him ?
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well they are on a calendar ,so in the public domain , and just wanted to show them off to my friends,, but i make sure they know hows they are,, and they not mine,,i wish,,i could be that good,,!!, i have passed people on to his web site,,and i have be told he has a new book out,,so need just to share ..
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Ye it`s cool ! extreme work, he is one of my favourite artist of aviation painting. He was the one who made me start thinking serious about starting drawing real good works, but lately it hasn`t bin that much =D, i have drawed a Tiger Moth =D the first realy serious project about new style !
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ok,nice one,,i wish i could paint or draw,,no good at all ,,,have stick to the photos,,!!
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Insanely your work!
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I TOTALLY agree with SniperFrans. Two thumbs way up, as well as my big toes. I love how, in both these pix by the incredible artist Robert Taylor, he paints in a view where one can clearly see a pilot in the cock-pit, giving it more of a humanly personal approach. In most photos of airplanes, particularily in battle scenes. Also, his attention to detail is superb! HM
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yes, glad you like them as well ,they are my favs,,all good stuff,,
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Awesome painting!
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GLAD YOU LIKE IT, i like to share if i can,
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These paintings are great!
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glad you like them,
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now this is by far one of a my favorites... you can just hear the song "Luftwaffe Marsch" playing... two thumbs WAY WAY up...
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