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Write In-White Out: Hydeditor

If only it were this easy to switch between writing and editing. ^_^
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:lmao: I actually tend to edit as I go, and then edit the chapter/section again after it's written. And if I did it in a notebook, as it gets typed into PC it tends to get another edit. I kinda wonder if that's one reason why a lot of my projects stall (lots of work doing it that way, slower going even if I'm getting it "complete" as I go through it). But then I still have last year's NaNo sitting around waiting for a big huge edit stick... and it's seen no editing. ^^;
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I usually rewrite a section until my gut instinct says it's good enough, but then later I go back and do a series of edits. Even so, I have a lot of stuff that is *still* waiting for edits >.<
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I have stuff waiting for the endings (or some of it, most of the story), and waiting to be typed up... otherwise edited to fairly finished mode. ^^; Meanwhile... I do other stuffs. Oops. :XD:
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lol, you and me both. XD
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Haha, what a great way to express a very familiar feeling. Perhaps the worst part is beginning the writing process as Mr Hyde, instead of finishing it that way!
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INDEED! That's so uncomfortable! You can't get anything done cuz you just keep nixing everything as "imperfect". ^_^
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