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The Thief Dilemma: Chapter 20
Chapter 20: In Which Friends Unhappily Part Ways
She was first aware of coarse wooden beams stretching up to the peak of a sharp, pointed ceiling, and then, slowly, the rest of the space came gently into focus. She was in a room, a cramped, sparsely-furnished garret, and she lay on a thin mattress stuffed with a material that was sharp and rustled beneath her as she shifted. At the sound, a seated figure in the corner of her eye moved slightly—lifted a head?—and she heard the creak of a chair being pushed back.
The person stood and approached the bed. He spoke, said something, but although the voice was loud enough, she didn't quite catch the words. Everything echoed, trapped, in her ears, ringing while her mind resolved the face of the man now sitting at the edge of the bed with one she remembered. Then clarity came like a flash of lightning in a dark room, and instinctive reaction made Megan throw her arms around the thief's neck.
"You're all right!" she cried, squeezing ti
:iconscentofthunder:ScentOfThunder 3 13
Mature content
The Thief Dilemma: Chapter 19 :iconscentofthunder:ScentOfThunder 1 2
The Thief Dilemma: Chapter 18
Chapter Eighteen: In Which Unexpected Allies Appear
—her thin, warm arms around him—too small to comfort him the way she did—told him "you're better than this"— thumping against the wall, faint cries—every night, every day the dull gleam of eyes behind paint and selling smiles—"you're too good for this"—she told him, but when alone, he ventured out, kissed hands, swallowed rings—dirty fingers, they're all the same pockets, the same coins, dirty money—the kinds of people he grew up with—first kiss, first touch—jet black hair, coal black eyes, painted lips like his mother—a strand of grey she plucked from her scalp—the curve of her flat smile, a pat on the cheek—the things he did, so young, for a kiss—he remembered the guards—cracked bones, cuts, blood, a tooth—potions, potions, he lived on to break glass, break in, break out—the flash of a candle in a dark room, and a cry—a shrill vo
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The Thief Dilemma - Chapter 15 by ScentOfThunder The Thief Dilemma - Chapter 15 :iconscentofthunder:ScentOfThunder 1 8
The Thief Dilemma: Chapter 17
Chapter 17: In Which Fear Is a Friend to No One
Despite its morally speckled past, Northermeed Island and the manor upon it has since become a stronghold of fellowship and heartfelt worship. No longer do its noble stone walls observe the evils of self-indulgence and violence its past owners forced upon it. No longer does its craftsmanship reflect sinful, heathen objects of lust and greed.
Its Great Hall, once a ballroom catering to the rich and selfish, now hears only the music of devoted hymn. Its private sitting rooms, in which conspirators and murderers contrived their plans, now hear only the whispers of penitent prayer. Of the original uses for the various wings, only the dungeon and purification chamber, the library, the subterranean boat dock and the treasuries retain their intended function.
A Brief History of Northermeed Island
Hammerite Historical Text, author unknown
Megan awoke to the rough touch of cold metal on her wrists and the
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The Thief Dilemma: Chapter 16
The Jumping Jan creaked against her moorings in the gathering dusk. The street lamps far off at the shore twinkled. It was a calm night. Cool and dry. The first two pinpoint stars peeked out of the sapphire skies. Small waves licked the hull of the ship, and kissed the bounding, wooden feet of Jan. Her carved eyes gazed toward the open sea, and her wild curling hair raced up the front of the bow as though she were already rushing forward, playing her small pipe and grinning at the thought of adventure.
On deck, the crew of the Jumping Jan prepared to set sail. The decks shined from a good swabbing; the sails were tight and secure; the cargo was carefully loaded in the hold, every last crate. But in the gloom of below deck, they had not noticed the slivers of light seeping through the cracks of one crate, tucked away amid the others. Nor had they paused to listen to the soft creaking of the ship, or the gurgle of waves lapping the woodwork; if they had, they might have hea
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The Final Countdown by ScentOfThunder The Final Countdown :iconscentofthunder:ScentOfThunder 5 24

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It's the moment I've been waiting for since 2004: I've finally finished the whole draft of Thief Dilemma! Clocking in, all told, at around 200k words, it's finally wrapped itself up to conclusion. I've just posted three new chapters (Chapters 21-23) here (they've been up on for a little while now), and from here on out, I'll be posting a new chapter every Sunday for the next two months-ish. Hooray! The wait is over, and she's finally done! 

Here's the chapter headings rundown:

Chapter 21: In Which A Rescue Attempt Begins <--POSTED
Chapter 22: In Which Carefully Laid Plans Go Awry <--POSTED
Chapter 23: In Which Old and New Allies Appear <--POSTED
Chapter 24: In Which A Certain Keeper Makes Himself a Nuisance 
Chapter 25: In Which the Odds Are Not in Anyone's Favor
Chapter 26: In Which Woodsie Things Come Out to Play 
Chapter 27: In Which Alliances Are Tested
Chapter 28: In Which A Prophecy is Fulfilled
Chapter 29: In Which All Hell Breaks Loose
Chapter 30: In Which Shit Hits the Fan
Chapter 31: In Which the Skies Come Down

So that leaves eight more chapters, plus the epilogue before everything's completely wrapped up, but shouldn't be too long now! :) I've had an absolute blast writing out the end to this saga, and I hope you've had as much fun reading it. Here's to an epic finale and some resolution for our poor girls and guys! :)


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Kovitlac Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, has TTD ended with ch. 17? And here I was, hoping to death that Raife would be okay in the next chapter ^^
ScentOfThunder Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Nay! TTD does not end with Ch. 17, but that is the most recent chapter. HOWEVER (and this is new--most folks don't know this yet): as a writing goal for this coming year, I'm going to be doing a chapter a month, which should drive this long-winded sucker to its finale. :)

And you'll get to find out what happens to Raife in Ch. 18. :)

SO! It's coming, it's just taken me a ridiculously long time to get it back on my priorities list. Original stuff has been pushing it out of the way, but I've got pages and pages of notes on what happens next!
Kovitlac Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh happy day! I'm doubly looking forward to it, then ^^ Don't worry about taking forever - I have stories up to 20+ chapters, only to trail off and just sorta stop. It sucks, and I feel bad about it, but stuff like that happens. Anyway, I'm glad that's not completely the case here, and I'm excited to find out what happens to poor Raife :)
ScentOfThunder Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
Haha--indeed it does, but this one's stuck with me for many years, so I figure it's only fitting to finish it. Plus, it's exceptionally fun writing practice! :D
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zutarianxtaang Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yo whats up,how you been?And all that taff...
ScentOfThunder Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010
Doing well! I've been intending to put up a journal sometime, just haven't had a breath of space to do so, yet! ^_^ Prepping for a pseudo-move and trying to meet deadlines, all with the day-job and the fiction magazine, besides my own deadlines. :-) How are you?
zutarianxtaang Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same,i reached my hundreth Deviation!
And well now im taking it slow on my work and IM ALMOST OUTTA SCHOOL!!
Woot dance*
ScentOfThunder Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
Nice! Have a long, warm summer break ahead?
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shalizeh Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2009
Ok, I'm a little bit late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!))
ScentOfThunder Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009
Thanks!! XD
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