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News Board

Plans for January, 2021:
Welcome to our new news board! This will be updating you at a glance on what's to come in the next month!

❤︎Monthly Prompts❤︎
We will release one prompt to get back into the swing of things!

❤︎Happy Birthday, Scented Ponies!❤︎
Scented Ponies will have a small event to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!!

❤︎New Types and Expanding Existing Types!❤︎
We still wish to expand on our types! We have a list of types that are going to be in the works, but if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to tell us~
Including but not limited to:
- Bath Bomb
- Spirit
- Guardian
- Lamb
- Sprout/Plant/Mushroom
More to come!

❤︎MYO Sales❤︎
The last change we'll be implementing will be how often MYOs are available! If you've been around for a while, we have had three MYO sales a year, limiting how often they're available. We will now be having them available 24/7, whenever you need one! You will need to go to H-analea to purchase one!
- - -

We have a discord server! Feel free to join, but please be respectful!

++ Welcome to Scented-Ponies! ++


Hello and welcome to Scented-Ponies!

Scented Ponies are a closed species created by digimonlover101 and xXNovaNepsXx, now in the hands of H-analea, JellyBray, and Ashtrol! Scented Ponies are equines inspired by different scents such as candles, perfumes, etc.

Anybody and everybody is welcome to join our group, whether you own a Scented Pony or not! New members are automatically accepted! Make sure to watch the group to receive notifications from us!
We apologize for the current look of our front page, the change to Eclipse has forced us to limit the content and the aesthetics of our page!


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