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I most enjoy drawing and oil painting, but I also dabble in crochet and other artsy-craftsy things. I sell my paintings on Etsy, and new art will be listed when a new series is done (it will be announced ahead of time on my website

I welcome advice, criticism, and comments on any of my work - I don't mind if you don't like something as long as you have some constructive advice for me and you aren't rude. I really, truly, seriously appreciate anything that can help me improve. Even if you don't paint or draw, everyone has a different aesthetic, so maybe you will notice something I would not catch or have an idea that I have not tried! And if nothing else, please please feel free to give specifics on what you do and do not like. :)

Thank you so much for visiting my Deviantart site!

My shop is here - though feel free to ask about anything I've done that you don't see there through my Etsy shop! I haven't listed some things and I occasionally will do commissions too.

And if you would like to follow me on other websites:

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Etsy Store

I have an Etsy Store! I list almost all of my original paintings there (as well as a few prints and other merch, but I'm a bit slower about that), and pretty much everything in my Deviantart gallery is listed there or will be soon (unless it has already sold, of course). New art will be listed when a series is completed - advanced notice will be given on my website ahead of time. Please visit if you'd like to see what I have available! :)

Feel free to send me a message through Etsy if you're interested in something that I've made that isn't yet listed, has already sold, or a new idea - I may be able to work something out if there's a piece of art of mine that you really love or if you would like to commission a personal piece :)


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You are great! Enjoy my barrage of positive comments!

Your work is absolutely magnificent and very surreal. I just love it. They're so alive, so full of the flavour of the title, and they tell their story so well.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much; I will check out all these artists :)

Well done, well deserved, thanks for sharing!