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I want to look like her! She is so pretty >.<
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I love ur hair!
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disculpen en Facebook hay una chica de nombre Shaden Sandoval que esta utilizando estas fotos en verdad es ella??
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Aubrey- you have a unique beauty(don't worry,im a girl-just sayin!!!)
If these guys like it,so what,hun???

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haha. So is this. All of these photos are from google or photobucket or something like that. lmfao.
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Wow! Im sorry if this makes you feel weird but you are very sexy.
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Um. Excuse me. This is a photo of my friend Aubrey.. She wants it down now.
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What is 'Aubrey' Photobucket link? and Youtube URL? and Proof picture? and all that shiz. I won't believe it's your 'friend'. lol
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woh, you are beautiful! <3
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are ye on any other website?

love the pics im a huge scene fan but im not sure if they be you
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These photos that this user puts up are not of 'themselves' . These photos can be found on photo book or any other photo site. People use them all the time. Its kind of sad really.
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you look a little bit like my friend Liz!
verry pretty!
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