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Such an incredibly beautiful, tender angel. Look at this insanely delicate long throat.

nadeshiko-ai-desu's avatar
azrael2x's avatar
Who? Does she do adult movies or something? ROFL
KikaiSaigono's avatar
It's interesting how she looks just like the girl on her shirt.
iSpySkye's avatar
i know kiki is a scene queen and all butt i really dont tink shes pretty at all
im just saying
BooTheDinosaur's avatar

Finally I'm not the only one who thinks the same thing.
I never thought she was pretty.
iSpySkye's avatar
he hair is cool but her face is meh =/
BooTheDinosaur's avatar

Her hair's cool but it's bigger than her body.
PoisonousRage's avatar
Armeggeddon's avatar
there's something seriously wrong with kiki's head.
sakura556's avatar
Im pretty shur thats Kiki Kannibal You really need to STOP taking pictures of famous models that you DONT know. I've seen so many of your pictures on google.
katsuya-nara's avatar
Oh the anorexic look is SO IN.

Get a life.
elephante0265's avatar
whats wiht your page filled with people you dont know? and arnt?
TekkiTequila's avatar
Like ur Hairy,
are you a group here in DA
or just put pictures from the internet here?
ITZDIANAxD's avatar
Oh-So-Sweetx's avatar
akatsuki-girl88's avatar
her head is bigger than her body
azrael2x's avatar
I wonder if she gives good head?
girlwithtalentOB's avatar
You are gorgeous! I love how scene people dont give a shit and they just be who they are
xXsh3llyXx's avatar
kiki kannibal :D
animelover4eva77's avatar
see You dont KNOW her!
Elessar777's avatar
Pretty work...
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