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Mini Baking Clay Tutorial



So, I get tons of questions on this type of thing. At some point I do plan on making a new unicorn tutorial that explains things start to finish. However, for now, here's a little one on baking. I did another little tutorial a while ago on hairing sculptures. Eventually I do hope to make a big long one.

Anyway, I'd like to mention that this is just how I do things. There are many ways to bake and mine is certainly not the only way. Just what I do, and what works for me currently :)

I also want to say that I paint my horses, so I can be a lot more flexible with baking. When making dolls or humans you have to be a lot more careful since the skin tone of the clay matters a lot. Dirt particles, cracks, dents, and discolouration can ruin dolls, but with painted sculptures they hardly matter.

As always, if you have questions please ask... I kind of threw this together randomly so I may have left things out. I have a FAQ section on my website where I talk a bit about materials and things, you might find it helpful as well! It's here: [link]
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I appreciate this tutorial so much. I've admired your work for years; I hadn't sculpted since I was a kid (and I was prolific but not very skilled at that time) and I recently decided to take it up again. Baking in separate phases is useful enough, but the tips on polyfill and carving baked sculptures was invaluable.

I finished this yesterday, my second sculpture in over 10 years:

Thanks to this tutorial, I was able to sculpt her paw pads individually and rest her on polyfill to avoid those ugly flat, shiny spots. I also carved her up after her first bake because I wasn't quite happy with her, and avoid lasting regret. Your work is beautiful and inspiring, and you were very kind to share this!