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OOAK (one of a kind) handmade unicorn sculpture. She is made from polymer clay over wire and foil.

She was made to look like a lipizzaner, and she stands about 6 or 7 inches tall to the tip of her horn.

I did the tack with epoxy putty and set the jewels into that. The gold chains were attached after I painted her. Her eyes are purple resin, and her hair is ramie fiber roving. I curled it at the ends :)

She will be for sale in my etsy shop at some point. (see journal for link.)

I don't know if anhedonia is a fitting name for her, but I think it's fitting in general lol

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I love all the details. the tack is so detailed I love it. you also did a great job putting in all the bits of of horse anotomy in. I know you are a horseperson and it shows. Like way to go on the stifle joint!
When you sculpt a horse keep in mind what you would look for if you were buying a horse, like the angles of shoulder and pastern. There is a conformation test called the string test that you are supposed to do with a horse before you buy it. I dont remember all of them becuase there is a lot but its a good thing to keep in mind while you are sculpting. I tend to make the legs and too long and the body too short which is what you've done here as well, so it really helps me to think about if it were a real horse would I buy it. if I think about that it helps me to remember to try not to fall into the comformation faults I tend to want to sculpt. I am lucky in that my Candi is darn near perfect so she is a great model to work from and Max has a gorgrous face(thats about all he has going for him) so I have nice models. try to find some horses that have really good comformation and take some pictures of them just to keep around to remind you of proportions. because things like front legs should be longer than back legs and winther to girth should be the same and the length of the legs those things wont change no matter what the pose and thing like that are really easy to forget about while sculpting.hope that helps, you are really improving though good job!
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Wow kate thanks so much for the advice! I took a class on conformation a few years back at the racetrack and learned about sales and all that, but I never really apply it to sculpting. That's a great thing to keep in mind. The short back and short pasterns tend to be my worst issue I think.

thanks again for the crit, it means a lot to me! :D
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Nicely written and I agree
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how do you make these so cool looking i love them horses are one of my fav animalls
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... Lol sister was on my account again.. sorry, consider this from Umbergrace. :D
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beautiful its amazing lokks like somthing of horwse did you get the idea from there??!
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Thanks! Howrse, is that the RPG? I've never played it ^^;
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you didnt? look up howrse on google and play it its awesome
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Gorgeous sculpture!
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thanks very much!
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You're welcome!!
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Oh wow this is amazing! Great detail :D
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If I had the money, that beauty would be in box headed here right now. I love the tack and oramentation. It has an Old World look about it that I really like.
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aww thanks so much! :)
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This si so lovely! I absolutely love the details and the tack!
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Thanks so much! :D
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You are so deserving of praise! Your work just gets more beautiful! BTW, I gived you a Llama badge, cause you rock! :llama:
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