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Tarot: The Moon

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HP Scanjet G3110
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Mar 3, 2013, 6:05:44 PM
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I would think Faramir would be more appropriate for the Moon, since his special connection to Itilien, being outshined by his brother and all that...
Raena-Celeblis's avatar
I think he is Boromir, no?
Lufisipico's avatar
I think so, too
mindhaus's avatar
Oh man these are all beautiful, would you ever make them into a real deck?
Niknak71's avatar
Beautifully done, I'm sure Tolkien would be happy to have his characters depicted in a tarot deck of this artistic standard. I really like that for a change the moon is depicted by a man, love it! 💙 🌜
aliseo85's avatar
I truly do not have any words, your art is fantastic...I'll sure use this illustration as reference for my next statue!
Sceith-A's avatar
I'm honoured) =^_^= thank you)
Edelajne's avatar
Artisticly it is very nice, but I think that  the last thing that Tolkien would like to see it is his characters aranged as Tarot Carts!
Rosemonde-Elisabeth's avatar
Ouhlà! and Why not? Because it don't belongs to your  truth? Because you're spiritually not open-minded? But did you know that Tolkien was connected to nature and even natural elementaries? It seems to me that you don't understand well the Tolkien universe and essence! It's all about magic, divination, mystic objects, so yes, yes and yes, a tarot cards decks is completely in harmony with it. There's others tarot deck based on LOTR and it's beautiful. Because the story itself hold a big spiritual essence, the characters correspond well to the spiritual symbols of tarot.
But as you seems limited by your perception, you couldn't understand it. But for example, there's the magician in the tarot card, like Gandalf represent it well, or others things like that.
So you judgement is only based on a limited perception of "what we should make" and "what we shouldn't", while spiritually (when connected to our spirit) we are asked to not let the humans limitations retains us. To break the barriers of rationnality and what this society imposes to us in matter of "normality".
For me you're just conditionned in normality. Have you really see the movie and understood the real essence? Do you remember when Galadriel use his water mirror to show vision of the futur to Frodo? It's clearly a divination technic! So i think you're very far to understand the universe of Tolkien....
MarinArk's avatar
And I'm pretty sure the last thing an artist want to see is a comment like this. It's disgustingly unpolite.
rubytide's avatar
Absolutely beautiful :)
Art-Eli's avatar
wow, beautiful portrait! i'm amazed about the level of details, and i seriously love your style and the composition :) great work!
JustAnoR's avatar
шикарные работы!;)
EvilScarrlett's avatar
Fractaldragon's avatar
Yet another AMAZING Tolkien Tarot card! Please let us know if you ever actually get the entire deck done and published! I think you will have people lining up to buy! :)
Acalanthide's avatar
I would love a deck of these.
Alex-J-Gray's avatar
Очень здорово, эти цвета и линии великолепно смотрятся! Плащ, словно ночное небо, удивительные складки... 
Я прошу прощения, хотел бы задать вопрос по содержанию. The Moon - подразумевается Минас Итиль? 
theterriblezodin's avatar
Another lovely addition.
CrimsonWolf1's avatar
Beautiful details, and a very lovely frame. :)
auen's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous.
peet's avatar
Very impressive, I love the concept!
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