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Geek Calendar 2014: Title Page

1. THE GEEK CALENDAR 2014 IS FREE AND NOT FOR SALE. If I find you selling it, I will burn the heart out of you. 
You can download it (yes, page by page) and print it out just for personal use. (it is about 32x40 cm). 

2. If you don't recognize any of the characters, look through the comments below the pics. Somebody defenitely already did it for you.
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Let's play
spot your fandom~
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I spot Loki! ...maybe?
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Ok, I just have to say two things:

First is that your art is gorgeous and for the life of me I cannot understand how I had not added you to my watch list when I have fav+ so much of your art.

Second: Can I just thank you and commend you on being an absolutely amazing person by sharing your art freely with us when you could very well be selling it? No one would object. You could very well be selling these, and no one would bat an eye at paying for this calendar; at least I certainly wouldn't and I'm positive I am not the only one. So, thank you. Thank you very much.
Sceith-A's avatar
Thank you for the kind words)
I appreciate them very much)

I'm always at your service)
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You are amazing! This is fantastic! Thank you :)
dena-gray's avatar
You. Are. Amazing.
MimaButtons's avatar
You.Are.My.Hero.! <3
MCrispin's avatar
Love it !! Amazing - I cannot express the feeling any other way than wow... and warm and fuzzy.
Nancyxxx's avatar
Real masterpiece!
Averadis's avatar
Wow, thank you, your art is great!!!!!!
I'm so happy right now^^
Thanks!!! This is fantastic!!
Lenayuri's avatar
Thanks you very much!!!
SharlzG's avatar
Brilliant! Many thanks for freely sharing :)
WayInOverMyHead's avatar
Bless you for creating and letting us use it for free :) thank you!
Swniver's avatar
Just... THANKS! :D 2014 looks better now!
Sir-Ar's avatar
OH MY GOOOD this is totally awesome!! ;; I'll definitely look at this everyday, thank you <3
starbug71's avatar
thank you for this...your art is amazing!!!!!!!!
I love the Moriarty reference. And the calender is beautiful!
you just made my 2014 a whole lot better! :)
Sceith-A's avatar
at your service)
JinxedElf's avatar
Shi86's avatar
Woah, its totally amazing! *_*
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