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Geek Calendar 2014: February

Kneel! ^^
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'' An Asgardian never kneel before A hybrid scum ! You abomination !''

...and A human never kneel if he\she has enough power
ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, love it so much!! I'd kneel to Loki any day of the week and twice on weekends! ^^
RowenaStormborn's avatar
that's loki, right? amazing work, as usual
Breathtaking!  *kneels*
DragonDaemoness's avatar
Beautiful piece of artwork! Love it so much! And I'm also very happy that this is my birth month;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) 
Endroine's avatar
The eyes are exactly alike the real Loki, but the mouth isnt really ;-; thats too bad
haloan's avatar
This is so awesome i am crying
unsugarcoated's avatar
This is a fantastic project! I'm going to set these pictures as my desktop background each month. 8D  Beautiful art and graphic design work! 
MoonBard's avatar
This is soooo impressive! (So glad I'm born in February :D) Excellent work!
PushyaStar's avatar
Thank you for the great job! This is amazing!
AlienaXLoK's avatar
*Kneel* I want it !!!!
Rishav21's avatar
My Birthday is in Feb too!, Honestly, I don't like Loki that much,...But who cares?...What a brilliant piece of artwork!
letmechooseaname's avatar
Can't imagine the amount of work that you had to put into this calendar O.O IT'S amaziiiiing
deej240z's avatar
All of these are wonderful!  Loki in February is a favorite.
AbigailLarson's avatar
JessHavok's avatar
This is fantastic work, love Loki! Also as many other people have said, this is my month (27th) :D So are you planning on having this printed and available for sale? I'd want to use it for next years calendar. Heck... I don't even use calendars but this is too awesome not to want.
Sceith-A's avatar
Calendar is free for download. It's non commercial project.
You can print all sheets for yourself if you like it.

thanks a lot for your comments)  so sweet)
JessHavok's avatar
Oh cool, thank you! You rock. :)
LocaPiknikomanka's avatar
Loki-Loki-Loki!!! *going crazy*
Princess-Las-Noches's avatar

I need to figure out how to breathe again before I hyperventilate myself into a coma <33333333333333
Princess-Las-Noches's avatar
And the fact that my B-DAY is February 20th, oh god how did you make this so amazing??????????????
LinkLover96's avatar
My birthday is in february too!!!! :love:
Loved your drawing!! :heart:
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Just a beautiful piece. The line details on the skin are fabulous. :nod:
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