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Das Rheingold

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Apr 14, 2014, 7:20:13 PM
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I love, love, love! the way you draw Loki. I think the single shoe really adds that extra little bit to his personality that would otherwise has been missing. It really makes him look absolutely reckless and cheeky. Somehow you have absolutely captured his mischievous nature in your drawings! Bravo 👏

It's a very beautiful picture. I love it. But do you sell the prints through any other sites? Deviant Art printed it too dark and some of the detail has been lost and the colours are dull compared to what you see online.

Just beautiful. I can't stop looking at Loki, which is precisely what He would want. With your permission, I'm considering this as a possible tattoo inspiration. Would that be OK with you?
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This is stunning. I had to resurrect an old account to 1. submit this comment and 2. buy the print.
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I will definitely be buying this Art Print... I want to buy it right now... but have other budget requirements that need to be paid for first... but after Halloween... will be my Yule prezzie to Loki...
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if you would be so kind as to explain the meaning behind the one missing footwear your Loki is so often featured with... there is much speculation within the Lokean groups as to it meaning... my theory is that it represents Loki's liminal nature... line crossing border walking one foot in one reality the other in another...
I just purchased this print and had it framed, but Deviant Art printing cut off his right knee, the tips of his horns and some of the other outer details. What do I do to get a complete print? Thanks. 
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Если бы Альфонс Муха был женщиной, он рисовал бы так. Спасибо.
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Это уже канон изображения)
It reminds me of Puck from "A midsummer nights dream". I LOVE this. This pose and the look, like he's saying "come and get me". Horny! 
This is wonderful!
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Gods, this pose! <3  Especially the knee bend! <3 <3  Beautiful colors, shading, and lines.
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... why do all your characters have only got one shoe ? °^° 
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not all of my characters.
only one
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yes i saw that after a longer observation. sorry ^^' 
(you drawn Loki so much time and he has so much different hair styles, i got confused. so my question is : why do Loki only have got one shoe ? )
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I just Love this 

The fireflame God of Mischief exactly how I picture him  


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Der Ring Des Nibelungen!!  Awesome work!
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No wonder Sigyn married Him! He's lovely!
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