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Baldr's death

Loki spake:

"Thou wilt then, Frigg,
that further I tell

Of the ill that now I know;
Mine is the blame
that Baldr no more

Thou seest ride home to the hall."
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Nov 7, 2013, 2:07:43 AM
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rakshashade's avatar
Wonderful, truly wonderful.
silversnitcher's avatar
A Jordan Sweder on facebook has posted/used this on his profile with no citations or mentions of you.…
Ritterton's avatar
really, really captures the set up.  Well done.
Ma-chan17's avatar
This is amazing :o
Duisigh's avatar
Mistletoe FTW! -er- FTL (lose...?)
MistiqueStudio's avatar
I just did a paper on Baldr (contrasting both Snorri's and Saxo's accounts, specifically) for my Scandinavian Mythology class because I'm such a big fan of the story and of Norse myth in general. Just stumbled across your art today, and I must say it's refreshing to find depictions of Loki not in the style of the Marvel movie version. Love your style.
Mohnlied's avatar
I like the way you drew this scene - the shining Baldr and Loki and the shadows
Beltaneh's avatar
Excellent work. I love Balder's part in Norse mythology
ZtheDoomyPirate's avatar
Beautiful. I adore your interpretation.
BrandonLoucksArt's avatar
Great work! Your illustrations tell the stories well.
Sanctum1099's avatar
I love this medieval styled illustration of norse mythology. Almost reminds me a bit of Aubrey Beardsley.
SaskiaDeKorte's avatar
Ahhhh yes, so good :love: I'd totally buy the shit out of any published myths illustrated by you.
Narresiah's avatar
I was thinking about how I didn't know the story of Baldr's death just the other day, then a day later you post this and honestly, if this isn't a sign for me to go and read the damn story, nothing is. Beautiful art, as always :) 
Asahi-sensei's avatar
i never managed to understand why Loki didn't shot the arrow himself and had Frigg do it for him ._. 
Narresiah's avatar
Hi, it was Hod, the blind god, who shot Baldr :) And I guess this was just another one of Loki's mischievous plans :D I think he actually liked the irony of a BLIND man shooting someone dead - although the "death part" didn't have to be a part of his actual plan. Also - if he did it openly he wouldn't have time to flee and the other gods would probably capture him right then and there :) 
Asahi-sensei's avatar
oh sorry. i mixed their names up. 
hmmmmm °-° 
still, this is sorta wicked x') 
Loki's mischievous indeed. 
thanks for the enlightement =) 
Corvicula1979's avatar
lovely, well done as always!
Gorgeously done!  Though I have many suspicions about the truth behind this particular tale....
Ragnarauk's avatar
Oh Lord... please don't let me be misunderstood.  ( Eric Burdon and the Animals ).  I think that Loki was just a prankster and this particular prank went seriously wrong.  oops it's Ragnarok.  sorry...  I don't think he meant for the blind giant to actually kill Baldur.  I hate it when a prank goes wrong.
catnipcrusade's avatar
loki had full knowledge that the mistletoe would kill baldur. he had asked frgig what could harm him because he'd grown jealous of baldur
I can easily see it happening that way.  I can also see Loki having nothing to do with Baldur's death, but getting all the blame despite that.  And I can see Baldur totally having it coming....
channeledchaos's avatar
Great work, this was always my favorite of the Norse myths.
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