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Yellowjacket Incinerator

Cover Illustration I did for the 8th issue of the german Magazine "Tabletop Insider".
[link] (website in german)

The Yellowjackets are a faction in the Megacon themed Tabletop MERCS. --> [link] and are © MERCS Minis LLC
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Very cool post-apocalyptic babe ! Never tick off a woman with a flamethrower !
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love this! Its got a warmth to it.

Have shared your image on my blog post on an android update :) 
have been using it as my wallpaper…
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Thanks for sharing, looks really nice with those bold yellow digits! :)
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Excellent, great armor design !
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This kicks ASS!
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She's hot in more ways than one! :D
Great artwork!
she is cool...she has firepower!  Don't fire me!Oops! Oops!:D (Big Grin)
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Love the pick but can't help worrying about her hair getting caught in the joints of the armour. Ouch!
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That´s remember me the greatest Fahrenheit 451 by the master Ray Bradbury!
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i love this picture!!
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One part of why I liked that game is that there are characters in it that are female but wear the same armour as the dudes. There's no midriff armour, no boobplates, nothing like that. They get to wear helmets and proper chest plates like actual soldiers. It's nice to see her without helmet in this pic but I like that the actual model has the same faceless soldier feel as all the other minis in the game.
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The picture gives a wonderful sense of life like movement.
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Admirable and very impresionant work...congrats.
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hey you been featured in my journal [link]
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I love the attitude in the characters face here :)
wow,es excelente me encanto ,una chica cargando grandes armas es genial.
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