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Through the Ages

old temple ruins - basically my first environment piece.
Took ages to finish.
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Warhammer Lizardmen. Love it

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wow, is there anything you CAN'T draw?? Amazing
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Environments for example :)... This is practically the only one I ever finished.
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And the one with the ships!
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Oh , I forgot about hat one. :D It´s been quite a while...
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This is stupendis
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love it, we don't see enough South American inspired fantasy ruins
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I love a lot of the fine-details on this, suck as the faces on the ruins. Well done.
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It is very atmospheric - and gives that feeling of ancient glory crumbling to dust.
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Details is an understandment here, wow. I would visit the shit out of this place.
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Wow! Awesome image. Looks like it took a long time to paint. Loads of details. Excellent job! Thanks for sharing.
Wow...really awesome, the detail is gorgeous - very impressed, very jealous, very cool.
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That's some sweet work!
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The time you put into it really shows. It's just amazing.
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This was your first?!? :omg: I'm astounded! What program did you use?

I can only hope that centuries from now there will be ruins from the modern era and the time yet to come that look as cool as that!
Reminds me of R'lyeh a lil bit.
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yes, only resurfaced. :)
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Very Nice old temple
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Beautiful work. Looks very lively :nod:
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