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May 18, 2015
The Red Gorgon by Scebiqu is striking with fear and power. Dominant over the cursed ones, it is a piece that emphasizes magnificently on how great she is to be feared.
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The Red Gorgon

By Scebiqu
I started to paint this in February forgot about it, stumbled across the half finished piece on my harddrive and pushed myself to finish it between jobs.

Basically it´s a reinterpretation of one of the first mythology pinups I did back in 2010.
Mirror Mirror by Scebiqu
I started in the old upright format but somewhere along the way I decided to expand the picture and really had fun to include more storytelling with all the poor petrified guys.

Also trying to get better at using a more desaturated color palette.
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Patryckfr's avatar
This drawing is awesome!
Gullara's avatar

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like someone might have doctored this picture and took it for a book cover. Link.

hotartfan's avatar
This artwork was a tab in chrome that i kept for over a year because i the art was so good i couldn't force my self to close it.
xxxecil's avatar
Might be worth it.
ArHero's avatar
Love the feel of frozen movement! :)
love that red velvet loincloth she is wearing 
InvertedFace's avatar
Medusa was supposed to be so hideous that merely looking at her would turn people to stone. That being said, I can't complain about this beautiful Medusa.
wow i love it!!!!!
Wyzzel's avatar
Wow ... it´s perfekt and beautiful Heart ... uhh ... damn! I can´t ... move ... Oops! 
Vosz's avatar
I really want to look a her despite anything wrong tat might result.. :) 
dlambeaut's avatar
This time Perseus and pegasus failed...
Nice change from the habitual green to red.
JS2080's avatar
RyuKusanagi's avatar
I think I'm stoned..
TheWanderingBrowser's avatar
Why is it that the legends say Medusa was so ugly, and yet people make her so sensual and sexy??!!
u did a very good job, btw
Hntpo's avatar
Masterpiece ! :o
TheVocaloid1's avatar
Awesome and amazing :wow:
Poetsiren's avatar
OMG.... I look at this and all I can think is: POWER!!
Congrats - it's a well-deserved DD!!
hibrido6's avatar

color are excellent and calls attention, and the eyes look so cool
i mean is like scary but beautiful at the same time
cempion's avatar
divine excellence...

who are you?
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