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The Great Rebellion

She-ra and her friends of the great rebellion once again victorious over the Hordes of Hordak.
My contribution to Germany´s 'Grayskull convention' which happened last weekend, where it was available as a print.
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Now that's more like it!

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Now this is She-Ra and the Great Rebellion as they should be! Not that abysmal mess that Netflix released!

Seriously, when I watched Nu-Ra and her cohorts panic and scream over something offscreen before Nu-Ra herself jumped ahead to wave her sword wildly about, all I could do was smack my head on the table.

tylerleached14's avatar sure you watched the Netflix series? Because your comment tells me you didn't.

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This is freaking beautiful!

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Okay, this is beautiful. I lean more to the reboot designs, but I will respect the OG immensely for what it paved the way towards, namely Xena and Buffy.

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Thank you for this! It is a beautiful and stunning image!

Incredibly good!
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Wow.  Amazing art!
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As a kid, I was first exposed to He-Man but, from what media was available, wound up watching a lot more episodes of She-Ra. I think it's awesome that the "girly" toy line actually contended with the more horror-inspired and dystopian villains than what we saw in He-Man.
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nice better then that new cartoon
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I love the old She-Ra cartoon, but I also like to watch the new one. It's just something else but still fun. :)
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Love this. This is the REAL She-Ra. (F--k you, Netflix!)
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cranky because you cant jack off to the better designs Netflix gave the girls, aren't you?
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I know your comment is old but damn you tell him man
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Very awesome picture.
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Thanks a lot!
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You are very welcome.

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She-Ra and friends are ready!
now that is She-ra and the Princessess of Power baby! XD.. or the Great Rebellion if you prefer.,.XD I love Kowl''s dive bomb and Royal Swifty here :)
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Your Masters of the Universe art is some of the best out there and this is at the top of the list for me! Love it :)
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AWWWWW YISSS! Gorgeous work. 
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