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Spiders Lair
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Published: March 11, 2018
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The first personal painting I did in ages it seems. Felt good - I should probably do that more often...
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Only 6 limbs, I might accuse her of being an Ant-woman.
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*Me* (looks at person)
Me: Oh yeah um but where is the spider?
*looks at the background*
Me:Belle's Magical World - Derp Belle Icon 
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GoldenYak| Digital Artist
Spider queen, eh? Then where is the spid-OH MY GOD!!
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It seems an artist shines the brightest when he does what he feels like doing ;)
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thevampiredio|Professional Digital Artist
sexy and darkly scary!!! love it!
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cool one
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dolores5|Hobbyist Photographer
Congrats on the DD! :)
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an extremely cool painting. Really like the headdress and the spider in the background.

A question on anatomy. Shoulders that support two arms - aka two sets of shoulder blades to allow the arms to move separately - or even if they must be paired like the two smaller fingers of our hands that they must somewhat move together or risk injury. I figure it might impact how the collar bone looks as well. What are your thoughts or did you pass on it as an unnecessary distraction?
Thank you
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HugoVarlez|Professional Digital Artist
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Delta-Foxtrot|Hobbyist General Artist
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LindArtz|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful art and Gorgeous lighting!! :love:!!

Very nicely done!!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz
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The scene took me back to a Boris Vallejo calendar I had as a kid. Love the light! :clap:
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Smiley: Shiny eyes congratulations! Clap 
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Rallyguy33's avatar
Wonderful work. Love the atmosphere to the whole thing. She looks formidable! 
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Would you be prepared to offer this piece as a print for sale here? :)
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Spacesam|Professional Digital Artist
O.O aaaaawweeesome. the design, the ambiant, the light.... Gonna be my new wallpaper very soon :) 
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asari13|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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AdrianDadich|Professional Digital Artist
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psiandco|Student Writer
The horror! 

A diabolic cult of spider worshipers raids villages and cities all across the jungle lands between the great rivers.
They take their captives to feed their god incarnate...
a giant demonic spider. how can this be?  The secret is that the high priestesses conjured the monster,
it is under the spell of the high priestess command so long as she maintains the bargain.
The huge spider must eat one person each new moon. 

in return the spider gives silk and eggs: the eggs endow the eater fantastic regenerative healing, strength, and speed...
but only for a while. thus eggs are given only on nights of the hunt to the most favored hunters.
in time, those who eat the eggs find their bodies changing - their eyes become compound eyes, they grow chitinous armored skin, a lower jaw that splits open to reveal acid dripping fangs,
claws and barbs gradually replace fingers and toes, they can grow extra limbs, and spinnerets replace their navels, and they too hunger for the flesh of the innocent.
cultists who have changed too much are judged by the spider-god: some are exiled to guard the mountain passes. others are eaten,
and some suffer the worst fate imaginable: mating, which ends with being eaten.

the villagers and the great cities can try to defend themselves as best they can, they do not know when or where an attack will come. 
Any new comers to these lands are often captured and delivered up to the cultists in exchange for a season of not being attacked.
the region is isolated, being the bottom of an aeons old meteoric crater over one hundred and twenty miles across and twenty miles deep. tall mountain ranges serve as walls and
the rivers that flow out the southern mouth into a deep underground canyon of lava tubes are guarded by exiled cultists as well.

the people of this jungle land can not escape, neither can any of the other life which had come here so long ago. these lands are rich beyond imagination...
but doom all who would enter there.
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Scebiqu|Professional Digital Artist
And then Conan happens.

No seriously, this sound like a great outline for a dark fantasy story! Really summons some dark visions, and like the jungle crater setting and lava tunnels guarded be mutant cultists. Minor nitpicking - spiders don´t possess compound eyes I think.
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Frol-Nounours's avatar
Wow!Just WoW!!! Very inspiring! I love it!
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Scebiqu|Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much!
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