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SMITE Thanatos Final Boss

New skin for Thanatos in Smite!

©Hirez Studios
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datobula1998's avatar
too bad the ingame skin doesn't look anything like it
BaalmonNightmare's avatar
People telling that this guy looks like sephirot... still dont understand why FF are so stupids...
Venom-Rules-all's avatar

This skin was based of Sephiroth. Even the God Selection quote for the skin has him introduce himself in a singing tone from Sephiroth's theme.

Jennyliino's avatar
oOOH REALLY COOL. I love it.
thevampiredio's avatar
he turn into sexy sephiroth !!
WayneKelly's avatar
Hergman's avatar
we all know who it is and the second and third guess don't count
Winya's avatar
did someone say Sephiroth?
Wayuki's avatar
Really like the composition and swooping gesture in this one!
TMirai's avatar
Gorgeous color! This is such a dynamic piece!
drewdesu's avatar
Cardgame material *-*
Trumpettrump's avatar
I thought it looked great so I gave you a feature on my blog !
SuperiorArtWarrior's avatar
Love it, love his strongness.:)
pokedude356's avatar
That is Sephiroth and you cannot tell me otherwise.
BaalmonNightmare's avatar
Are you blind??? sephirot has an anime jrpg art style, he looks like an anime character, this one looks awesome, so realistic, not anime face.
Athraxas's avatar
BaalmonNightmare, you are clearly the one who is blind. He even has jokes in-game that are related to Sephiroth. This is 100% a homage to Sephiroth. Many skins in Smite are homages to characters in other games. Ah Muzen Cab's Solid Hornet skin is clearly a homage to Psycho Mantis of Metal Gear Solid, for example. Even one skin for Apollo is a homage to Solid Snake (when he dies, there is a voice calling out for him: "Apollo? Apollo! APOLLOOOOO!"

Just accept it :)
FrostyWaters's avatar
Sephiroth is the next Smite God!
SVespiary's avatar
Amazing! It reminds me of Castlevania series *_*
Teilang's avatar
*_* La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la  Wow!!!!Heart 
Penstray's avatar
I'd play with him/let him play with me Drool Ok, joking innuendo aside, love your take on the classical Greek god Thanatos. Great that his buff body type that doesn't push the line into extreme bodybuilding, and I think the flowing hair and clothes contrast it very well. Really like the unified design on the pieces of armor, both on his body and his wings, and the metal details and accesories (belt, chain, buckles etc) Also love the composition of the image and the overall contrasting dark-purple/green color scheme, they really work very well and you managed to balance them out great. Last but not least, I like the fact that the character is presented in a more action pose than what I usually imagine when thinking about Thanatos, while at the same time not being completely scary. Awesome artwork, congrats! :clap:
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