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SMITE Sol - Soulless Machine

Card art I did for the upcoming Sol skin in SMITE.


for the concept art head over to the talented PTimm
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Nice upgrade, Major.
pancakebob's avatar
I regret not buying this one
aciddmaus23's avatar
stunning image!!!
maxm2317's avatar
Nicely done, my friend.
Maskmystrious's avatar
Computer boooooobs
K1yoH34v3nh1m3's avatar
Awesome skin. Cute and amazing!
Rallyguy33's avatar
Wonderful colors and I love the whole cyberpunk vibe on this one. Great job.
ChibiMui's avatar
Finally! Sol gets an awesome skin!
supersonic318's avatar
Love it. Gorgeous Art Work.
J-AxT13's avatar
When Rengar and Vi had a baby Sansynyan~! Sansynyan~! Sansynyan~! 
Estonius's avatar
Beautiful colours and style!
hyruleHypocrite's avatar
Thats REALLY sick. 
Maskmystrious's avatar
Yeah, we need to get it to a hospital, and QUICK!
HyperJehuty's avatar
Outstanding design
The-One-Free-Man82's avatar
Whoa, this makes me think that she would never understand the music from MoTown records.
Scebiqu's avatar
I see what you did there...:)
cottonyart's avatar
Scebiqu's avatar
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OMFG!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THIS SKIN!!! SO BEAUTIFUL! :faint::faint::faint::faint::faint::faint::faint:
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