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card illustartion that I did of the new warrior goddess for the greek pantheon in Smite. I really enjoy these wide format illustrations where the characters have a little more room to breathe. 
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i'm more of a adidas guy. :P
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Whatever you do, DON'T ask her for shoes...

Just saying.

(How many shoe jokes have been made already?)
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Correct me but I think your representations of the Smite characters are more beautiful than the real of the game
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Awesome composition! :)
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Fan-friggin-tastic, man!
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Thanks a lot Master Jack!
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This so so awesome!! <3 :D
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The lighting effects on the wings are just amazing.
Thank you for sharing.
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Hello there awesome human being!

How big do you work in your works originally as in pixels ?

Cheers for the amazing artwork also
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Thank You! For these wide format cards I work with 6400 x 4000 px.
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Cheers for the reply ! ^^
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Amazing!  Nike is now my favorite Goddess design in Smite.  You're so awesome!
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Gorgeous work as always man!
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That's gorgeous that is.
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Sad what happened to the recolor skin
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My favorite new card art of the game :heart: 
The scenery, the colors, and Nike is so beautiful ; - ;
Lovely job as always!
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Glad you like her so much! Thanks!
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