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Mulan- The Ascendant Warrior. Splash art I did for SMITE -Battleground of the Gods.

©Hirez studios

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© 2020 - 2021 Scebiqu
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Freaking gorgeous! And actual practical armor too. Awesome job

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Definitely better than the disney remake.

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NOT MY MULAN! #BoycottMulan

Liu Yifei encourages to kill the dreams and freedom of Hong Kong children and young people. She supports the Hong Kong police who are using tear gas against the protestors.

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In the critique of a Film, the Political view of some random Actor in it don't Matters to me. Only the Film, I have nothing to do with personal views of some random Actors when I watch a Movie.

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This Mulan has nothing to do with Disney remake Mulan.

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don't care what you said lol

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Oh, so you respond to me but not the other person who responded to the same comment you made in a different portrait of Mulan?

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This looks bad ass

Awesome! So cool!

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beautiful piece!

Absolutely Beautiful! but i am new and i have question how did professional artists learned Shading should i practice more or watch more tutorials? i am 12 year old and starter

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youtube vids, read on the internet tutorials, ----> practice, practice, practice, always try new ways. :D

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Absolutely marvelous! I love every detail on this.. You're a master I love your artworks! They're so beautiful omgggggndknsfnssd >.<

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Looks awesome! :D

You wouldn't happen to be accepting commissions, would you? I need high-quality fantasy art for a project I'm trying to get off the ground. I can't pay much, but I'd be willing to scrape up what I can for art this amazing.

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        [Happy] Mochi Tokyo MiniPixel 
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Wonderfully detailed and downright epic. Does a great job of selling the character and the game.
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