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By Scebiqu
Years ago I had the chance to the concept design of Isis' look when she first appeared in Smite. Now Hirez gave her complete remodel and rework of her look in the game and I had the opportunity to draw new card art for her. It really was awesome to come back to this character and appreciate the well deserved upgrade of her costume as my original concept was quite a bit simpler.
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Do you have the alexandrite version?

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Manky Moses, is that awesome! :thumbsup:
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I miss the old model, it is weird how much her breast shrunk and how her skin color is now completely different

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I miss the old one too. I didn't even feel like she needed a remodel.

Sort of like how Poseidon didn't need one either, although it definitely does feel like that now comparing his old model with the new skins they have today.

But still, I prefer Bachus', Isis', and Posiedon's old model.

(Probably going to get the FBI spying on me since I said the "I" word. Hi guys! It's just a video game character and very old Egyptian goddess. Nothing more so please stop scrolling through my history on Smite pictures)

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Bow to the Empress!
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Wow this so cool looking. Love the colors the pose.. everything. And what a chance to give the character a redesign for the same project. How cool is that?!? Great job!
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Love it!!!! Old one was good but this one is better.
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This is absolutely amazing. I love the colors in this. Great job.
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The Isis you SHOULD support :D 
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Fantastic! Congrats on the well-deserved DD! ^^
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Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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she's so beautiful :heart:
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Gorgeous! The level of detail is amazing!
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looks very majestic and bossy
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Gorgeous!!, .. it does look like she would fall over to her left side (though).

I know you took special consideration placing her leg to one side, so it wouldn't look slutty.  

On second thought - I just noticed her staff rectifies that. wink ;)
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This is marvellous! 
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Isis is one of 3 gods that i use in smite. And i LOVE this new design ty so much!!!! Heart Heart Heart 
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Details are just exquisite. Clap 
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Wow, kinda surprised they were brave enough to use this Deity.
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