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 Hera Splash art for SMITE, that I had the pleasure to draw. I think she´s be released for a while, I´m always a bit late with uploading...

©Hirez studios
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Traveling through the worlds that you have created, exploring these worlds, observing their inhabitants inspires people to create their own worlds that other people can explore.
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It's rather unfair that Zeus gets to turn into sunbeams to creep around having sex with a host of married and unmarried women, but Hera has to sit there lonely on Olympus.
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Is this card art too or something else? What do you mean when you say "splash"? Trying to figure out what folder to put this in. Thanks in advance. Great art btw.

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Yeah it´s still basically a card art. But it has a wider format to be able to be used as loading screen for example between matches.
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impressive job, the details are amazing, it's just beautiful ^^
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Thanks a lot!
Nice representation of the Greek Olympian Goddess. Very Nice :D
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Her expression is on point. Great piece.
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Thanks a lot!
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This is incredible! Great work!
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What strength in this composition, man I love this so much !
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really gorgeous indeed :)
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Wonderful work here. Don't see Hera represented too often. Also love the concept for Argos. Colors and lighting just make the whole thing pop.
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Spectacular and amazing
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she's absolutely gorgeous :heart:
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