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Pathfinder Paladins 1

Some of the character artwork I contributed to Paizo´s Pathfinder NPC Codex [link] .
These were the first artworks I did for Pathfinder and I´m not really an expert in that universe. I hope the caracters fit in halfway, though.

As with most of my characters in the last time it´s Photoshop colors over traditional pencil.

gnome paladins:

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That gnome looks like a hoss.... just three feet of brawn and steel.
amazingtoast's avatar
i wish you had some paint tutorials up @_@
Truly excellent work.
RadialArt's avatar
awesome chracters!
2blind2draw's avatar
now that's packed with class!
Hergman's avatar
wait.... non-human paladins? mind blown o_o

its just so...unusual

Nice work!


What god's do they follow?

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From left to right:
Cayden Cailean; Iomedae; Iomedae
sha-nu's avatar
The Cayden Half-elf! Awesome. :)
Phesant33's avatar
Very nice, I'd like to be able to produce work like that :)
DoctorPresident's avatar
This is incredible :O How'd you design such awesome armor?
RogueAldritch's avatar
The Halfling paladin is just awesome, you give a real feeling of on the road warrior, with all the comfort a Halfling need...
Scebiqu's avatar
Just walking around with that plate mail could be little tiring after a while. Let´s hope he owns some kind of pony.
CerealGuy's avatar
Fabulous designs, wonderful colors.
Awesome! i love the archer.
cyfron81's avatar
By now, i can image a orch paladin :D
RheiaAManga's avatar
love the archer!!!

....halfling.... paladin ...... omg
Kopuro's avatar
yay! gnome! that is just the cutest little paladin ever!
TheLugia702's avatar
Geez, I could never get myself to play a paladin. They have great abilities, but I prefer to be chaotic neutral and an arcane spellcaster
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