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Tribute to Julie Newmar – The Original Catwoman!
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Love...Love...Love IT. Julie Newmar was glamourous, statuesque, and totally sexy as hell. She WAS the true Catwoman, never mind those pretenders the show cast later...(Side note, Frank Gorshin was the perfect "Riddler")
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I love her! I even have the doll!
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Cool, which one do you have?
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I have the one that target came out with years ago. The original catwoman.
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Julie Newmar, we love you. Nice picture.
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:) outstanding work! :thumbsup:
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This is fabulous~! <3
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Wow. Lovely and sexy!
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Just breathtaking
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i love that her suit has star-dust sparkles in it ^.^
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Looking as hot and clasy as she use to. Cant beat the original.
can this be made available as a print? I would like to get it
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It was all downhill after her...
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This is wonderful!!!
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Meow indeed... Great shades details and colors here.
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I like the white effect of glowing **
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I loved her-- she was always such a cute Catwoman. I really love the way you painted this-- the shading, light glares, and sparkle effects look gorgeous and the pose/composition is lovely <3 Beautiful piece and a wonderful tribute.
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